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Month: May 2019

Community Vote – Market Stall Icon

Hello everyone,

after our article about the Market Stalls we received some feedback regarding the “bear trap” symbol which is used on the sign of the Wild Game Stall.

We found the argument worth considering and based on this community feedback we asked our UI team to design a few alternatives to this icon.

Below you can find and vote for all 4 options available. And don’t hesitate to let us know what you think about the design in the comments!

We’re looking forward to hear your opinions on this topic!

*Please keep in mind the final design might still change and this is only a vote for the direction the icon design should go in.


[Building] Hunter’s Cabin

The forests and fields of The Settlers are inhabited by various kinds of wild animals – this is where the Hunter comes into play.

The Hunter’s Cabin is a building, which secures another source of food for our settlement. In addition, leather can be gathered and later made, by a different building, into light armour.

As with most of our buildings, the Hunter’s Cabin can be upgraded, which allows our settlers to hunt for different kinds of animals.

At Hamlet-Level, a single Hunter is catching rabbits.

At Village-Level, a second worker joins and they are able to hunt boars.

Town-Level unlocks deer to be preyed on and allows our now 3 workers to also obtain leather.

The meat of the three different types of animals allows for different kinds of dishes. As you could see in our article about market stalls the meat from wild animals is handled separately from the meat of farm animals, which means we have the special Wild Game Stall for products from your Hunter offered at the marketplaces.

We can also decide if we want to hunt older animals only to preserve the population or if we want to get meat as fast as possible: Hunting too many animals or removing forests will eventually lead to them becoming extinct in that area, removing this food source from your options.

But the different animals will also eat resources like berries or young trees in the forest, which increases their population. While this means we can hunt more, the forest itself recovers slower or we harvest less berries in that place too. We need to take decisions on our best strategy how to use the resources we find.

The wild boars can become a plague, they even plunder our corn fields if they find them… and their population will further increase with such a feast. A trail in an unsecured forest can have some shiny things next to it, because angry boars can chase away your carriers or workers, and they will drop whatever they just carried and run away in panic. However, the hunter can get the situation under control, the boars try to get some distance when he walks around.

The leather, which is gathered from deer, can be further processed by the Tannery and made into leather armor, used by some of our soldiers. There is also an enhanced version bolstered by metal, which is called reinforced leather armor.


[Building] Fisherman’s Cot

Next to building materials, food is an absolute necessity for our settlement so it’s important to set up this supply-chain as early as possible. One option is building a Fisherman’s Cot.

By observing the water near the coast or in a lake, we can easily figure out the best spot to build one, as the fishes will show their presence at times. One of our worker will then occupy the building and fish in a certain area of the coast – this area (the so-called focus point) can be moved.

By building a Townhall we will be able to upgrade the Fisher, let’s take a look at the different levels:

At Hamlet-Level only one fisher will go about his work, and fish salmon at the ocean.

At Village-Level two fisher can work simultaneously and will now be able to gather trout in lakes for advanced recipes.

At Town-Level another fisher will join the team and they are now able to catch some shrimp as well.

Different kinds of fish are used for different dishes prepared by our residents in the houses – as mentioned in our Food and Stamina blog. As with the Woodcutter, we are able to activate or deactivate certain kinds of goods, depending on our preferences. If the fisher is not getting food delivered, they can eat their own product, but the effect will be not as good as when consuming cooked food.


[TSHC] Changelog 15. May

The Settlers II History Edition

  • Fixed an issue where save games from the world map campaign had no strings in the load menu

The Settlers IV History Edition

  • Added the option to set the private / public function for multiplayer matches in the config
  • Adjusted the work radius of the fisher
  • Fixed an issue where multiplayer matches couldn’t be loaded and crashed the game

The Settlers Rise of an Empire History Edition

  • Steam: Fixed an issue with multiplayers games being created with the new lobby system

The Settlers Heritage of Kings History Edition

  • Steam: Fixed an issue with multiplayers games being created with the new lobby system

The Settlers VII Paths to a Kingdom History Edition

  • Fixed an issue where multiplayer matches would desynch if the option “co-op mode” was enabled
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[TSHC] Multiplayer Lobbies live

We’re extremely happy to announce that from today on The Settlers 3 to 7 History Edition all feature a multiplayer lobby, where you can look for and join public multiplayer games.

One major point that was mentioned since the release of the History Editions was that having to invite players for multiplayer matches is too complicated and too time-consuming.

While you can of course still play private matches with friends, the games now feature a list of public multiplayer games which you can join with just a click.

We want to thank you for your continuous feedback and specifically all the players who tested the lobbies over the last few weeks, making sure everything is running smoothly.

We wish all of you successful and exciting multiplayer matches!