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Month: May 2019

[Building] Fisherman’s Cot

Next to building materials, food is an absolute necessity for our settlement so it’s important to set up this supply-chain as early as possible. One option is building a Fisherman’s Cot.

By observing the water near the coast or in a lake, we can easily figure out the best spot to build one, as the fishes will show their presence at times. One of our worker will then occupy the building and fish in a certain area of the coast – this area (the so-called focus point) can be moved.

By building a Townhall we will be able to upgrade the Fisher, let’s take a look at the different levels:

At Hamlet-Level only one fisher will go about his work, and fish salmon at the ocean.

At Village-Level two fisher can work simultaneously and will now be able to gather trout in lakes for advanced recipes.

At Town-Level another fisher will join the team and they are now able to catch some shrimp as well.

Different kinds of fish are used for different dishes prepared by our residents in the houses – as mentioned in our Food and Stamina blog. As with the Woodcutter, we are able to activate or deactivate certain kinds of goods, depending on our preferences. If the fisher is not getting food delivered, they can eat their own product, but the effect will be not as good as when consuming cooked food.


[TSHC] Changelog 15. May

The Settlers II History Edition

  • Fixed an issue where save games from the world map campaign had no strings in the load menu

The Settlers IV History Edition

  • Added the option to set the private / public function for multiplayer matches in the config
  • Adjusted the work radius of the fisher
  • Fixed an issue where multiplayer matches couldn’t be loaded and crashed the game

The Settlers Rise of an Empire History Edition

  • Steam: Fixed an issue with multiplayers games being created with the new lobby system

The Settlers Heritage of Kings History Edition

  • Steam: Fixed an issue with multiplayers games being created with the new lobby system

The Settlers VII Paths to a Kingdom History Edition

  • Fixed an issue where multiplayer matches would desynch if the option “co-op mode” was enabled
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[TSHC] Multiplayer Lobbies live

We’re extremely happy to announce that from today on The Settlers 3 to 7 History Edition all feature a multiplayer lobby, where you can look for and join public multiplayer games.

One major point that was mentioned since the release of the History Editions was that having to invite players for multiplayer matches is too complicated and too time-consuming.

While you can of course still play private matches with friends, the games now feature a list of public multiplayer games which you can join with just a click.

We want to thank you for your continuous feedback and specifically all the players who tested the lobbies over the last few weeks, making sure everything is running smoothly.

We wish all of you successful and exciting multiplayer matches!