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[Building] Fisherman’s Cot

Next to building materials, food is an absolute necessity for our settlement so it’s important to set up this supply-chain as early as possible. One option is building a Fisherman’s Cot.

By observing the water near the coast or in a lake, we can easily figure out the best spot to build one, as the fishes will show their presence at times. One of our worker will then occupy the building and fish in a certain area of the coast – this area (the so-called focus point) can be moved.

By building a Townhall we will be able to upgrade the Fisher, let’s take a look at the different levels:

At Hamlet-Level only one fisher will go about his work, and fish salmon at the ocean.

At Village-Level two fisher can work simultaneously and will now be able to gather trout in lakes for advanced recipes.

At Town-Level another fisher will join the team and they are now able to catch some shrimp as well.

Different kinds of fish are used for different dishes prepared by our residents in the houses – as mentioned in our Food and Stamina blog. As with the Woodcutter, we are able to activate or deactivate certain kinds of goods, depending on our preferences. If the fisher is not getting food delivered, they can eat their own product, but the effect will be not as good as when consuming cooked food.


  1. Tan

    The game design is quite nice and I like the way production of things that is new in this game. I can’t wait to try and play this game to see about the game new features.

  2. Eiden

    I like the normal proportioned characters. Yes original settlers were abstract but when dealing with few pixels that works well. With high fidelity graphics you risk making people look like fat hobbits when you want them to feel like proper humans.

    The buildings are full of character and are looking great but most of all I love the lush green landscapes ready to be settled!

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  3. OlaHaldor

    The buildings look great, as always. But it worries me the people look like they’re headed for realism while the buildings and environment looks more towards stylized.

  4. TSA_User51618

    just best frome me…(old men and the SETTLE )

  5. BlueBlip

    So as I stated in previous posts, big fan of the buildings design and this one doesn’t disappoint. Nice that you give more variety to the goods.

    I can only hope you plan to add other settlements on the maps for trading like we had in Settlers 6, they could function the same just they wouldn’t expand as much … or should they? 😀

  6. TSA_User41723

    I am getting more and more excited for this. Seems it incorporates many of the elements that made settler 2-4 great (never played the first one), while also developing the world and taking some of the great ideas from later settlers games.

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