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[Building] Residence

We have covered residences before in one of our dev-blog before, namely the food and stamina system. Now want to take a closer look at its different levels and the advantages those bring.

Residences are central for our economy: Residents prepare food for our busy workers who will otherwise stop working. On the other hand, they also collect the ingredients for their meals at market stalls or food production buildings. Because of that, the connection and distances to the food supply, to the workers in production and to the resource buildings matter.

In order to cope with the increasing demand, as out settlements becomes bigger, we will need more houses and residents. Since building space is limited, upgrading residences is the way to go – especially since higher-level buildings unlock new recipes for dishes, which provide more stamina to our workers. Let us take a look at the different levels:

At Outpost-Level, one resident lives in the house and is responsible for supplying the buildings nearby. At this point, we only have access to the simplest meals, which only use 1 ingredient and just recover little stamina.

At Village-Level, a second resident moves in and basic recipes, which uses 2 ingredients, e.g. meat with corn, unlocks; these recover more stamina for our workers.

At Town-Level, the residence does not only start looking fancy, three people are now busy supplying our workers with delicious dishes. This level also unlocks even richer recipes using up to 3 ingredients, giving a wider variety of food to our hard-working settlers.

At City-Level, we have four residents delivering the most advanced and exotic meals to the production facilities nearby to keep up with the ever-increasing demand.

Depending on how we set up our economy, an upgraded residence can either supply more (lower level) buildings at the same time or supply the upgraded production buildings in their vicinity. The residents will automatically create the most advanced dishes they can cook, depending on our production and availability of the individual ingredients in their vicinity. More advanced dishes need more time to collect the ingredients; however, the residents still saves a lot of time by delivering the powerful combined meal.


  1. TSA_PharTing

    Ummm, does the level of the settlement automatically upgrade the residences, or it lifts the cap so upgrades can then be applied building by building?

    And based on the maximum residents per residence shown here, the army sizes are not related to residence count? Soldiers get bred in barracks, perhaps?

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  2. TSA_User48851

    I hope the walls will be realistic?
    I saw the soldiers climb the wall that seemed a little weird.
    the ideal would be a battering ram to break the walls or ladders to allow the soldiers to climb the walls

  3. TSA_User48851

    the graphics look very amazing.
    logging, harvesting raw materials, farming, fishing and more looks so amazing.

    I hope that the fight will look perfect too

  4. TSA_User48449

    The last settlers I played was in 2002, and I have been trying to remember for a bit of while the game name. It led me to here. I am so excited for the new settlers.

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