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[Building] Sawmill

We have previously covered the Woodcutter so it makes sense to go one step further now and cover the Sawmill.

For the first basic buildings, we only need raw logs but soon we will need slightly more refined resources: wooden boards. One building requiring those is: The Townhall. Since this building enables further upgrades and also unlocks more advanced buildings, we want to get that Sawmill running after we’ve secured the very basic resource supplies and expanded our territory a bit.

The different levels allow for more craftsmen and additional products:

At Outpost-Level, one craftsman is busy sawing softwood trunks into softwood boards.

At Village-Level, another craftsman joins – and together they are now able to produce hardwood boards out of hardwood trunks.

At Town-Level, yet another craftsman will help.

Softwood boards are used to construct buildings; at village level, they already fully replace the softwood trunks. Hardwood is important to craft wooden weapons like bows and clubs, to craft vehicles in the wainwright like pull-carts or ox-carts and to repair the ships that set sail in the harbour. As with previously presented buildings, if we have a bottleneck we can have our craftsmen solely focus on one of the two goods: softwood or hardwood boards.

What’s your preferred approach to resource production? Always keeping production close to how much is needed and then reacting to shortages or aim for surplus production to have a buffer should anything unforeseen happen? Let us know in the comments!


  1. BlueBlip

    for me it looks more inline with settlers 5 and 6 which is ok. I personally didn’t like the cartoony look of the 2,3,4 settlers.

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  2. TSA_User35969

    I’m loving the look and feel of this game. It’s much more akin to the older Settler games I grew up with. I’m keeping a close eye on what details you give out and am very excited.

    The one big question I have is what platforms is this coming to. I imagine it will be a PC game but it would be a massive shame if it didn’t come over to the Nintendo Switch. I believe a game like this would be perfect to be able to take with you. Civilization 6 on Switch is a brilliant port and works fantastic.

    I can but dream!

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