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[Building] Toolmaker

With the copper from the mines, the Toolmaker can finally start his business and produce tools. These are required to train new Workers and Builders in the Guild House. Builders will construct buildings and roads while Workers occupy all resource and production buildings like the Fisherman’s Cot, the Sawmill or the Copper Mine. Make sure to build both buildings close to each other and do not wait too long to set up this supply chain.

The toolmaker can be upgraded twice, let us take a look at the different levels:

At Hamlet-Level, only a single Worker will be busy with producing copper tools.

At Village-Level, a second guy/girl joins, which will surely make worker number one rather happy. They will also be able to create iron tools now.

At Town-Level, there are three Workers producing tools for your settlers, and they can now create the most advanced steel tools too.

Iron and steel tools are required to construct buildings at Town- and City-Level.

With a growing settlement and an ever-increasing demand for tools, the Toolmakers will be quite busy throughout the whole game, so we need to make sure to supply him with resources all the time.

Keep in mind you will also need resources like copper and iron for other production chains.

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  1. TSA_User57653

    It would be good to be able to look, but it seems you want to exclude all customers not using Windows. How about thinking about the large number of us on a Mac or Linux?

  2. PharTing

    Noting in the last included pic in this post, there’s background blur / bokeh happening whereas the other pics seem to show crystal clear images? Are these all settings we get to play with for performance/personal preference in the game, or someone was creative in photoshop for this image?

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  3. PharTing

    Looking good!

    Based on the need to place associated buildings for a production chain close together for efficiency, will the copper and iron (and coal?) deposits be similarly clustered by our game builders, or the players may end up with some toolmakers who are copper tool focussed and others for iron/steel tools in order to reduce transport bottlenecks, etc?

    With each additional level of a building and the addition of a worker, does that add an additional production queue? i.e. a copper tools queue, an iron tools queue and a steel tools queue? Or the additional workers are generalist toolmakers and they just speed up a single queue of tool orders?

    If all the workers are working from a single queue, and the next item in the queue requires iron or steel, but none is available, does the entire toolmaker building production grind to a halt, or all the associated toolmakers will all continue working to make copper/bronze tools?

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  4. innesi

    It does looks really good, i like the graphic. Hope we will get more freedom for placement of buildings and I hope this wont replace TSO.

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  5. Jundiai2013

    Gráficos excelentes!
    Será um jogo online? The Setllers Aliance vai substituir The Setllers Online?

    Excellent graphs!
    Will a game online be? Will The Setllers Aliance substitute The Setllers Online?

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  6. BlueBlop

    So I assume this one doesn’t have a fourth level, because we get mint and armory also?

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