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[Building] Wheelwright’s Workshop – How to make wheels

One of humanity’s most important inventions: the wheel! Our settlers figured this out, too, so creating carts for transport was a logical step up from carrying things on their back.

The person at the center of our logistical success therefore is the Wheelwright Workshop, creating all kinds of wheels our settlers could possibly need.

As soon as we have constructed our Townhall, we can start right away to prepare for the usage of Pull Carts.

At Village-Level (), two workers create simple Wooden Wheels (Hardwood Board) needed for Pull Carts.

At Town-Level () an additional worker joins to help with the production for Iron-Rimmed Wheel (Hardwood Boards + Iron Bar), required for Donkey Carts.

At City-Level () our 4 workers construct Steel-Rimmed Wheels for Ox Carts using precious steel and Hardwood Boards.

The wheels themselves are all delivered to the Coachmaker, where new vehicles can be ordered.


  1. TSA_User67736


    I am a big fan of Settlers series, starting from Amiga version of The Settlers 1.
    I am following the news on the new game and like all the new ideas presented so far.

    One of the things I have noticed however is that all the screenshots of the bigger cities (like the one from this post) show a pretty plain, deforested landscape.

    What I loved about the first series of the Settlers is that it was possible to plant trees in the settlements to make it look much nicer and also boost the economy with more animals to hunt and trees to cut.

    I wonder if you are planning to add forester building to the newest Settlers version?


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  2. TSA_User60860

    Sorry this is not directly related to the blog post (which was an interesting read in itself) but I wanted to give some feedback and this seemed like the easiest way.

    I’ve been playing The Settlers 7 lately, and I’ve been having some problems with the camera controls. Having camera tilt and rotate both on the same middle mouse button makes it hard to control. This is made worse by the fact that zoom (also with that same scroll wheel) automatically tilts the camera.

    So that’s basically all I wanted to say: I hope the camera controls in this new The Settlers game will be easier to use.

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