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Military Academy – The diploma is made of steel

When we reach Town-Level, construction of the Military Academy becomes possible. This is the place to go for all settlers eager to go to battle using a Hammer or a Lance and it can be upgraded once.

At Town-Level we can recruit Guards with a Lance and a Mail Hauberk, strong defenders which taunt enemies before they reach your fortifications, and Smashers attackers in Leather Armor which use their hammers to shatter fortifications.

City-Level enables recruitment of their most advanced versions, the Defender and the Demolisher, both wearing a thick Plate Cuirass.

As before, the upgraded building also provides additional training’s slots.

This is the last recruitment building in The Settlers. Units can now either be used defensively by e.g. assigning them to a specific Keep, Castle or Fortress. Or we can form them into an army via a Garrison.

With their individual specializations they’re fit for different tasks, making mixed armies versatile and able to cope with different situations.

Please note: Everything described and shown is not final. Graphics and features subject to change.

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Military School – Even our soldiers need to go to school

After the Training Ground, the Military School is the second recruiting place we can build. It’s focused solely on close-combat units using swords or axes.

It can be constructed at Village-Level and upgraded twice to recruit more advanced units.

At Village-Level we can train and recruit Swordsmen who just require a sword. And if we we’re planning any sieges we can use axes to recruit Axemen, who are able to climb walls.

Town-Level gives us access to the more advanced armored Knight who additionally needs a Mail Hauberk.

Finally, at City Level, we can recruit mighty Paladins which require a Plate Cuirass and fearless Berserkers wearing Refined Leather Armor.

While we can order the training of a certain amount of units in advance, the recruits will have to wait for the required equipment to be stored at the Military School before they can begin their training.

Upgrading the building will also unlock more training spots, helping you train more soldiers simultaneously.

Please note: Everything described and shown is not final. Graphics and features subject to change.


Tannery – Light armor for the troops

Advanced military units require a piece of armor in addition to their weapon of choice. With the Tannery we can produce lighter types of armor using leather, which are important to grant protection while still being able to act agile and quick.

The Tannery requires our settlement to be at Town Level and can be upgraded once.

At Town Level, 3 Tanners use Leather to create a regular Leather Armor out of each piece.

At City Level, a 4th worker joins and the building can now produce Refined Leather Armor by additionally using iron.

Leather can be gained from either our bovines via the Ranch at city level or from deer via our Hunter already at town level.

The two types of Leather Armor are needed to recruit units like Longbowmen or Smashers at the Training Ground or the Military School and are transported there by our carriers.

Please note: Everything described and shown is not final. Graphics and features subject to change.

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Armor Smithy – A good defence is the best offence

Most people prefer some form of protection when going into combat. Our settlers, surprisingly, are no exception. Therefore, the construction of an Armor Smithy makes a lot of sense.

For such advanced forging techniques, our settlement has to be at Town Level ().

At this level, the Armor Smithy has 3 workers, able to produce Mail Hauberks.

After upgrading the Armor Smithy to City Level (), another worker will join and we can create the massive Plate Cuirasses which require valuable steel.

With these shiny new armor pieces we can recruit Knights, Paladins, Guards and Defenders – expensive but extremely capable military units – at least as long as we also produce their preferred weapons.

Please note: Everything described and shown is not final. Graphics and features subject to change.


Weapon Smithy – A good offence is the best defence

Sooner or later our prospering realm will face envious rivals and we will have to defend ourselves to protect our settlers. Good thing we now have all the ingredients ready to create strong weapons. We only need to build the mighty Weapon Smithy!

Here our expert Weapon Smiths use iron and steel bars to provide our soldiers with more advanced weapons than the Weapon Workshop can produce.

The Weapon Smithy requires the Townhall to be built (Village-Level) and can be upgrades once.

At Village-Level () 2 workers are busy forging Swords and Axes.

After upgrading it to Town-Level (), a third smith joins and the production of Lances and Hammers is unlocked.

These weapons are then transported to the Military School or the Military Academy where we can recruit new soldiers. Some of the more advanced units additionally require an armor for recruitment. More on that in a future article.

Please note: Everything described and shown is not final. Graphics and features subject to change.


The place where coal and ore meet – the Smelting Works

It’s time to start using the resources we gathered from the mines, especially our soldiers will appreciate that: Let’s build a Smelting Works.

The Smelting Works uses Coal and Ore to produce Iron and Steel. Both are primarily used by our weapons industry to produce swords, axes and armor. However, other industries like for example our Toolmaker also requires iron and steel later on to produce the advanced tools required on Town and City Level.

The Smelting Works requires our settlement to be at Village Level () and can be upgraded once.

At Village Level (), 2 workers use 1 Coal and 1 Ore to produce Iron Bars .

At Town Level (), another smelter joins the duo. Furthermore, the workers can now also create Steel Bars using 1 Coal and 2 Ore .

The Smelting Works is essential if we want to expand our military influence or progress to better and more advanced buildings in our settlement. With limitations through available resources and transport capacity, we need to find the right balance as to where to invest them: As multiple units of resources are delivered to the Smelting Works to create one unit of iron or steel, it often makes sense to place the building close to the mining areas to reduce pressure on your transport capacities. However, if the deposits are scattered or small, a more central location for this part of our industry might be beneficial over time.


Geologist’s Hut – Finding resources at a deeper level

Not all resource deposits are visible from above ground. Many precious resources are located underground and while they’re usually near cliff sides, only a specialist can find and mark them.

Time to build the Geologist’s Hut and send out our Geologists.

To construct the Geologist’s Hut, our settlement has to be on Town-Level (). As soon as the construction has finished, two Geologists will move in and will start to search for underground deposits. We can direct their search area via a focus point.

After they found a deposit, the Geologist will place a sign at the location indicating how rich the deposit is; they range from low over medium to high. We can now place a mine near the deposit to exploit it.

The respective mine building has to at least be on Town-Level () before it offers a mining entrance and its workers are able to make use of the underground deposits.


Silver Mine & Gold Mine – Looking for something preciousssss

Everyone likes shiny things, including our settlers. Since we set up the basics of our heavy industry and have copper for tools and coins, it’s time to expand and build some Silver Mines and Gold Mines.

Both resources are used to produce coins in the Mint. The coins can be used in two ways:

First you can use them to grow your population faster when copper coins are not exciting enough anymore to attract immigrating settlers. While silver will enable you to reach a solid population, gold is always very attractive and allows you to reach the highest amount of settlers total.

Second you can store the coins in specific storages, and those riches will additionally motivate all your soldiers when they are attacking enemy territory, as the coins are their potential reward for defeating the enemies. Of course, shiny gold coins are more attractive than copper coins, while silver is in the middle.

The Silver Mine requires our settlement to be on Town-Level (), which also means that underground mining is available right away. It can be upgraded once.

At Town-Level () three workers are mining Silver on surface or underground deposits.

At City-Level (), a fourth worker joins his colleagues.

When even more rare metals are required, it’s time to build the Gold Mine.

The Gold Mine requires your settlement to be on City-Level (), four workers mine valuable gold from surface and underground deposits.

To discover the underground deposits, we first have to build a Geologist’s Hut and send our Geologist out to look for them. As soon as they found a deposit and marked it with a sign, we can build a mine in the vicinity and start exploiting it.


Coal Mine & Ore Mine – A start for our heavy industry

Cudgels and bows are great to arm our first soldiers, but when we continue to expand and progress, iron weapons soon become a necessity. As soon as we have found coal and ore deposits, we can start constructing new mines.

Coal is needed to melt ore  in a Smelting Works to iron bars , but we also need coal to forge weapons and armor at their respective building. So, to continue with our look at the heavy industry, let’s check out the different Tiers.

Starting on Village-Level (), the Coal Mine employs two workers mining coal.

At Town-Level (), underground mining becomes available and another worker joins the duo.

At City-Level (), a fourth miner starts supporting his colleagues.

As you might imagine, coal is central for our iron industry: smelting ore into bars and making weapons and armor, but also better tools for our builders.

Building Tiers

Construction n/A 8Softwood Board 8Softwood Board
8Softwood Board
Upgrade n/A n/A 6Softwood Board
6Softwood Board
Produces n/A Coal Coal Coal
Workers n/A 2Worker 3Worker 4Worker

Following the Coal Mine introduction, let’s take a look at the Ore Mine. Ore is used for advanced weapons and armor, much stronger than our original cudgel and pikes. It is also needed for iron tools, which are better than copper tools. This mine starts on Village-Level ().

There, two workers make sure we have enough iron ore in our settlement.

At Town-Level (), another worker will join them and underground mining becomes available.

At City-Level (), a fourth worker will join the team.

Ore and coal will be smelted into iron bars at the smelting works. It can then be used for weapon manufacturing and iron tool creation. Ore will also be needed to create steel bars for even more advanced weapons and tools.

Town-Level () will enable us, like it was the case with the Copper Mine, to mine underground deposits. But to find those and confirm, that we’re building the mine at the right place, we probably want to send a geologist to the area first.

We can set a focus point for our Coal and Ore Mine to have our workers mine the precious goods at a specific location first, e.g. if there are deposits close to the enemy border.

Especially when we decide to focus on a military strategy, we better keep an eye out for additional coal and ore deposits while expanding.

Building Tiers

Construction n/A 8Softwood Board 8Softwood Board
8Softwood Board
Upgrade n/A n/A 6Softwood Board
6Softwood Board
Produces n/A Iron Ore Iron Ore Iron Ore
Workers n/A 2Worker 3Worker 4Worker
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[Building] Coachmaker – Improve your traffic situation

Our Carriers are busy people and absolutely doing their best to transport all the goods to the necessary buildings. Even more reason to help them out a bit and create some carts for them to make their life easier – and increase our transport capacity at the same time. For this, we need a Coachmaker.

While the smallest cart is a simple Pull Cart, more advanced carts need an animal to pull it, but they can also carry a lot more resources at once.  However, carts are no off-road vehicles and require a road of sorts to function.

The Coachmaker can be built on Village-Level () and can be upgraded twice.

At Village-Level () the basic Pull Cart can be constructed using hardwood and wooden wheels and carries 2 resources – a basic Dirt Road is required.

At Town-Level () we unlock the Donkey Cart which accordingly needs a donkey from the Ranch in addition to iron-rimmed wheels. Donkey carts can only use Gravel Roads but carry 5 resources at once.

Finally, at City Level () we can construct the Ox Cart. Ox Carts require Paved Roads and carry up to 8 resources. Same as the donkey, the ox needs to be bred at the Ranch. We also need steel-rimmed wheels to construct the cart.

We don’t have to upgrade our whole road network at once, but can focus on the busiest roads first where the usage of carts has the most impact: new outposts under construction, sectors with a lot of production chains etc. You can also use different roads in combination with carts to direct traffic, having alternative routs often helps with a busy economy.