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We are back 2020

We hope you all had a good start into the New Year!

The team for The Settlers is back in the office after a well-deserved holiday and rest. Now we’re all excited to kick off 2020, the road to the release.

This year we’ll have several topics many of you have been asking for in the past:

    • We will go into detail about the military, from weapon production over recruitment to warfare.
    • War is not always the best solution though, so the third winning strategy in The Settlers – Path of Faith – will also be introduced.
    • Last but not least, we give you all information around the multiplayer, skirmish mode and also a small sneak peek into the campaign.

In addition, we got several other important topics to cover and exciting news to share. For example, we’re planning more playtests and last week we had a Free Weekend for The Settlers 3 History Edition, which allowed everyone to try this community favorite for free. More to come, stay tuned!

Thank you again for all your support, we’re very excited to show you more of the game this year and hear your thoughts about it. Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you would like to see and learn more about.


The Year 2019 for The Settlers

2019 is almost over and we decided that this is a great opportunity to summarize what happened this year before we say “goodbye and till 2020”.

We kicked off the year with our series about the different buildings in The Settlers, which continued throughout the year and will continue in 2020, where we get to buildings many of you have been asking for – the heavy industry, weapon production and military recruitment.

On top of that we had plenty of dev blogs detailing, for example, expansion, the “resource broker” and the Path of Glory including our first two livestreams!

At gamescom 2019 we showed live gameplay to everyone visiting us in the Ubisoft Lounge, provided you with details regarding the different editions of “The Settlers” available for pre-order and released a shiny new trailer. We also announced the delay to 2020 in order to deliver the best possible “The Settlers” experience for all players on release. More details to come in 2020.

In November we had the kind of news a lot of you have already been waiting for: the very first playtest for The Settlers. Planned as a diary study, this playtest has a rather small scale – which made picking the small group of players even more difficult since we received hundreds of applications! We will keep you updated on our findings after the playtest and will of course announce more playtests in 2020.

Now the holidays are drawing closer, which for many of us in the team means a break from work to meet friends and family – and to simply relax for a while after a busy year.

We’ll be back for you with an outlook on what to expect in 2020 in January.

Until then the “The Settlers” team wishes all of you happy holidays and a great start into the New Year. Thank you all for your support and your comments over the last months, we’re excited to share more with you next year.

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Over 1 year of The Settlers Alliance

It’s been a little bit over a year since we launched The Settlers Alliance and announced the new The Settlers. The plan to share insights into the development of this new installment of the series with you, our community, filled the website with life:

Blogs introducing game mechanics and buildings of the new The Settlers, the launch of the The Settlers History Collection together with guides and additional info as well as tons of screenshots and gameplay videos are now available for you to read.

On top of that, you wrote hundreds of comments with feedback, suggestions and questions around The Settlers, created videos and streams.

Therefore, here is a big thank you for all the input and support we received from you over the last year. This is what the The Settlers Alliance is about and what keeps us motivated.

Until the release of the game in 2020 there are still many things we want to show you and many questions we want to answer. This means many more dev blogs, community votes, videos and streams.

We’re excited for the coming months and are looking forward to seeing The Settlers Alliance grow even further.

To celebrate the anniversary and recap gamescom 2019 we’ve done a live stream this week showing live gameplay of the new The Settlers. If you missed it – don’t worry. You can find the VOD below:


This was gamescom 2018 in Cologne

Every year, the gamescom in Cologne comes to an end and of course we have a lot to report.

The Creator of The Settlers Volker Wertich and Ubisoft Blue Byte Managing Director Benedikt Grindel took the stage on August 21 at about 11:30 am. In celebration of the 25 Anniversary, they announced the re-release of The Settlers 1 – 7. For all fans and lovers of the franchise, we have the History Collection – A bundle of all titles in one version. The Settlers 1 History Edition has already been released on Uplay, for all the other titles, you should mark the 15. November in your calendar.

However, that was not all! A new The Settlers was announced and presented to astonished guests for the first time.

Volker Wertich: “It was a very moving moment for me to announce the new great successor live at the gamescom press conference 25 years after the first release of The Settlers. The whole team has been working very hard over the last two years and you can see that everywhere in the loving details, the fantastic graphics and the well thought-out gaming systems.

At 12 pm, the doors opened at the Ubisoft Business Center and people could see a hands-off demo. The demo was presented and explained from different members of the team.

Of course, there was more. At the same time, we launched our website “The Settlers Alliance”. This is our way to share information, explain new features and communicate with you. We want to hear from you: What do you like and what do you really liked in previous parts. Your feedback and suggestions are very important to us. It is easy to say, that we want to give you the opportunity to look behind the curtain and learn more about the development of the game.

Volker Wertich: “The first feedback on our community website and all other platforms are overwhelmingly positive. I would like to sincerely thank all interested, current and future settler players at this point. I can assure you that we will follow your reactions and wishes very carefully and we will continue to do so. Your support gives us an additional boost of positive energy to develop a unique gaming experience.

For everyone who could not get an appointment at the business center, you could meet our team at the Ubisoft Lounge. Community Developer Dominique “Ubi-Barbalatu” Falkenberg talked about the History Edition and presented, as a world premiere, the new The Settlers. Players not only shared their experience from previous titles but also asked question about the new installment. As a special highlight, Volker Wertich even stopped by to get first hand feedback from fans, players and veterans.

The reactions of players and press was marked by positive surprise and great anticipation. We could not be happier about this. Of course, we will not rest on the laurels! The year is short and we have a lot ahead of us. We received countless comments and feedback. These must be read and answered and of course, we want to provide you with new information. New week, we will sit down with Volker to answer some of your most pressing questions.