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Leader Spotlight: Ephraim – Climbing is his passion

Name: Ephraim

Hometown: Unknown

Occupation: Military Leader

Age: The only thing I count are my victories

Favorite weapon: Axes!

Hobbies: Free-climbing, axe-throwing, telling tales

Not much is known about Ephraim’s family except that he was of noble birth. Upon finishing his military training, he gained fame by attending and winning most of the regional axe-throwing tournaments. There were not many of those, but Ephraim avoided being specific while he was telling his glorious, self-promoting tales.

He decided to join the Duke when they were forced to leave their homeland, shortly after being inspired by his love interest, who in truth, was not his love interest, but again, his tales were of his own. All in all, Ephraim was considered to be a true leader of troops, and no enemy or walls were able to ever stop his advance.

Hello Ephraim, thank you for sitting down with Voice of Tavos today to answer some questions from your fans.

The most pressing first: What inspired you to join the army instead of, for example, seeking a political career, given you’re of noble birth?

Ephraim: From my childhood on I had a talent for weapons – in fact, I won the axe competitions back in school 3 years in a row – and so the mayor of my city personally recommended me to the leader of the closest garrison. I could hardly say no at this point.

VoT: This path has now made you into one of our most famous Military Leaders. What are you saying regarding the rumours you only got so far due to your cousinship with Lord Minster, the Duke’s advisor?

E: I gladly retell the story which I told to my brave comrades just 2 days ago, when curious voices asked for advice on how to advance their career as fast as I did. But to make it short, as I still have exercises to do later: passion and dedication! I did not win all the axe throwing tournaments back home by sheer luck, but only cause of the skills I acquired through hard training. It’s what I tell my soldiers every day: Train hard and focus on your goals and you might make it as far as I did.

VoT: Going back to your reasons for joining the Duke initially, we heard there’s a love story at the bottom of it?

E: Ah, yes, one of my inspirations for joining the Duke was indeed a fair lady whose name I don’t want to mention here to protect her privacy. As if I hadn’t given her my heart already, her request to protect her on this voyage was all that was needed to convince me.

VoT: Finally, we heard your tales about winning axe-throwing tournaments and your preference for this type of weapon over swords. But how did you discover your love for free climbing and decided to combine these two hobbies for your military tactics?

E: This is an interesting story, actually, because it happened during my times in the Military School. I was doing extra training after the morning exercise but took my equipment with me – this little bit of extra weight would not bother me, I thought. So in the nearby mountains I started climbing and came across an especially dangerous cliff. And while I don’t like to brag, the idea to use my axes proved highly efficient and I scaled that cliff in no-time. Convincing my superiors after that was only a small step for myself but a huge step for our military tactics – with the new possibilities in siege warfare now open to us.

Thank you very much for the interview, Ephraim. We’re glad to have you around during these hard times!

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Voice of Tavos – Now with some puzzles

Hear ye, hear ye – there’s news in town!

Voice of Tavos has all the latest news for you! Did you find some Ore or Coal? Want to help with the construction of our new Silver Mines in the North? We have just the guide for you.

And if you fancy joining our brave soldiers as a Swordsman or Guard, stay tuned for our article series on the military.

This new edition of Voice of Tavos also includes two puzzles – as every serious news outlet has.

Do you have questions? Ask the editors or our team in the comments below and we’ll try to find the answer for you.

On March 12th we released episode two of our Meet the Team video series. As Senior Lead Environment Artist, Casper and his team are responsible for aligning art and game design.

With the food and animal system covered, it was time to get dirty:

Over the last few weeks we published details about the mines in The Settlers.

The Coal and Ore Mine are the backbone of our weapons industry, while the Silver and Gold Mine help us to not only motivate our soldiers but also attract new settlers.

An important figure when talking about mines of course is the Geologist. This time they even get their own hut, to take a break after searching for underground deposits.

Finally, we started April with a community vote: The Residence needed a renaming to better reflect its function in the game. The results were very clear: Cookhouse ended up being your favorite and will be the new (English) name for the building formerly known as “Residence”.

So, what can you expect in the coming weeks?

Well, we will start off with the Smelting Works introduction next week which provides the basis for the next big topic on the The Settlers Alliance: The military!

We will go over the different buildings producing military equipment, our soldiers’ training facilities, the fortifications, military leaders and more. There’s lots to cover, so stay tuned!

To prevent your brains from rusting and help you pass the time, this Voice of Tavos includes two puzzles for you!

In the below word puzzle we hid 21 terms from The Settlers – can you find them all?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
1 B T E K R A M N S U G M T R C O L T R F
2 G Q F V E T L X B L M I U O E H E O D I
3 A U E V K V U M O E I D A E W E G Y N S
4 R A Y Y A W I R L A O C B H S N N K D H
5 R R R L M D Y V Y O H I V H E S H O I E
6 I R E D L I U B W M W O R K E R O A I R
7 S Y N A O A S T A M I N A M N R W L L P
8 O F N T O Y F K E S U O H D L I U G O L
9 N D A M T O E G A T H E R E R N V A P C
10 S I T Z S R S L A M I N A H A M L E T A
Softwood Worker Builder Pioneer Gatherer
Townhall Fisher Market Hamlet Stamina
Animals Coal Coachmaker Garrison Midlands
Glory Colosseum Guildhouse Toolmaker Quarry

Oh dear, someone mixed up the dates and dressed for casual Friday on a Thursday! Can you find him awkwardly standing there, ashamed over his fashion mishap?

Is there anything you’d like to see in the future? Did you find the poor guy in the picture above? Are there any good recipes you want to share with your fellow settlers?

Don’t hesitate and send us all the details!

Also, don’t forget to post your questions for Voice of Tavos below our upcoming articles!


Voice of Tavos – Even your cows would read it

Listen up dear settlers, there is news in town!

Voice of Tavos has all the latest news for you! Be it our “how to manage your own ranch” guide, news about the silver and gold mines or details about the freshness of Ian the fisherman’s fish – we have it all.

Do you have questions? Ask the editors or our team in the comments below and we’ll try to find the answer for you.

For all attentive citizens, on January 30th, we started off our “Meet the Team” video series. By the council’s decision for more transparency, this series aims at introducing various members of the development team, their every-day work and a bit about their private life.

This first video was about Edgar Bittencourt, the Art Director of the new The Settlers.

As council and major always appreciate your input, we published an article about the learnings we took based on player feedback, detailing several changes that were implemented after the last playtests.

For example, our epic Colony Ship now provides you with a clear overview over which resources and units it has on board to make your efforts easier.

Our editors also went on a long research trip to present you with all you need to know about the fauna of this part of Tavos.

And what better place to start it with than your own settlement. On February 13th we therefore presented you the Ranch – home to chicken, pigs, donkeys and bovines.

Furthermore, we received messages from you, dear citizens, which we want to share here (please stick to carrier pigeons instead of seagulls, though, thank you).

Via Reddit we were informed by camy252 that he upgraded and set up his new magical “computer” machine – and then proceeded to play The Settlers 1 on it. A great photo – and maybe some candles could really add something to the atmosphere in the room, in our lands here on Tavos we love using those.

More nostalgia came from the wide lands of “Twitter” where Jo Lott shared a great artwork with us. Veterans from the olden times should immediately recognise it: It’s the Roman Headquarters from The Settlers 2 – reimagined in a different style.

Thanks you both for sharing the pictures with us.

Exciting things are on the horizon! Looking forward, we have more exclusive articles for you:

Do you also go home with bad back pain after carrying logs and stone all day?

Worry no longer, as we have some great inventions in the making: Donkeys and oxen can be used to pull carts, so we will take a look at the Wheelwright’s Workshop and the Coachmaker buildings.

Furthermore, our reporter Trici, Game Designer, will go into detail about the animal system in The Settlers as a whole, where you can find them and what exactly “fluff animals” are.

From a trustworthy source we received the info that you can expect the second episode of “Meet the Team” in early March.

This time starring Casper, Lead Senior Environment Artist. He will first take you for a trip into one of Tavos’ mighty forests (or maybe it’s just Düsseldorf?). Afterwards we follow him back into office and will see how the explanations from before translate into the game.

Casper also allowed us a short look at his private life and hobbies, so don’t miss out this special edition on March 3rd.

Our most recent territorial expansion revealed vast resource deposits in the North. Stay tuned for a sneak-peak into the heavy industry, a topic we know many of you have been eagerly awaiting.

Expect mines, smelters, smithies and more, also starting in March!

The editorial team of Voice of Tavos received several letters with questions. We hunted down the answers for you.

The first question is by IppoSenshu from “The Settlers Alliance”:

“I’d like to know if there’s something Edgar spent an especially long time on or something that was especially challenging. Everyone probably has that one thing where you’re glad it’s done and ended up the way you wanted.”

We asked Edgar about this, and for him the procedural generated maps with PES (Procedural Environment System) was the most challenging project but also something he’s especially proud of. This collaboration of level artists and engineers allowed it to generate “real” looking maps with just the press of a button.

On the forums, Adi1966 wonders if playing without enemies is possible in skirmishes.

Yet, it is. One of the settings when creating a custom skirmish will allow you to disable enemies and just settle an island by yourself. You can also decide how many resources you will have starting the game as well as the size of the deposits.

Is there anything you like to see in the future? Do you have details about Margret’s secret smithing techniques or the best berry-picking spots in Tavos? Send a carrier pigeon to our editorial team and let us know.

Also, don’t forget to post your questions for Voice of Tavos below our upcoming articles!

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Voice of Tavos – Your number one news source in the archipelago

Hear, hear. There is news in town. Hear hear.

Voice of Tavos has all the latest news for you. Hear hear.

Everything that is going on around town, the latest gossip shared around the market stalls and more, you can find all of that here. We provide you with a quick overview over the latest news and look into the crystal ball to share what you can expect in the near future.

Do you have questions? Ask the editors or our team in the comments below and we try to find the answer for you.

The New Year has just started but 2020 will be the year of The Settlers, the road to release.

From the 9th till the 12th, players were able to download and play the The Settlers 3 History Edition for a limited time.

We also kept expanding the “The Settlers History Collection” section on the The Settlers Alliance with additional articles and guides. The latest addition were several overviews to The Settlers – Rise of an Empire, including the different heroes and buildings.

But we know that many of you have been waiting for news about the new The Settlers.

Therefore, on January 23rd, we published our first article detailing one of the three biomes of the game: the Midlands.

The Midlands are roughly equivalent to central Europe and therefore visually have plenty of greens with vast meadows and forests. The islands are shaped by previous volcanic activity, visible by sharp ridges and a rather mountainous center.

Each biome is split into 3 regions which differ visually but also affect gameplay by varying in resources offered, building space and strategic value. Of the three biomes in The Settlers, the Midlands maintain a balance between all gameplay relevant aspects.

So, what can you expect this week and in the near future – let’s take a look into the crystal ball.

On Thursday we will start a new video series to give you more details into the development of the game and the team behind it. Stay tuned to get to know the team!

After that you can expect not only a small gift to our community but also an insight into our learnings not only from the most recent Diary Study but overall based on the community feedback we received over the previous months.

And for the farmers and animal lovers among you, the second half of February is something you can look forward to, as we will dive into everything fluffy – but sometimes dangerous.

Is there anything you like to see in the future? Is there something missing? Let us know!

And don’t forget to post your questions for the Voice of Tavos below our coming articles!