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[Com] Community Update #5 – TSA Update, GC Coverage & First Stream

Hello everyone, welcome to Community Update number 5!

This one will be very “gamescom-colored” with an updated media section on The Settlers Alliance, impressions from our community members of this year’s gamescom and our first The Settlers live streams.

Our redesign of the website already happened a little while ago, but we used gamescom 2019 as a reason to add several more screenshots and concept art as well as the new trailer to our media section.

You can now also find a pre-order section on the top of the page, showing you the different editions of The Settlers and their content which can now be pre-ordered in the Ubisoft Store.

You have probably already read our detailed recap of gamescom 2019 where we shared some impressions of the convention and gave you an overview over what we presented in the Ubisoft Lounge.

But in this community update we instead want to feature the impressions and feedback from some of you guys, our community members, who visited us at gamescom, including our three Ubisoft Star Players.

Let’s start with Steinwallen, who summarized his impressions from gamescom in a massive 25min video. (German)

DerSpender recorded his own preview for The Settlers with new gameplay scenes. (German)

Patrick of the Zocker Lounge not only managed to snatch Creative Director Volker Wertich for an interview but also published his first preview video – while promising more. (German)

Our third Star Player, Aliestor, has just put out his own impressions of The Settlers, while previously covering his gamescom experience in several videos. (English)

Arekkz Gaming also summarized his impressions in an 8min preview. (English)

And finally, quaz9 was able to play The Settlers at gamescom and gives you an overview over what he has experienced. (Polish)

Finally, just about a week ago, we not only celebrated the first anniversary of The Settlers Alliance but also the very first The Settlers live stream. If you missed the stream or want to watch it again (we can’t blame you), you can find the VOD here:


And we can already tell you: this definitely wasn’t the last livestream, more are already planned.

We also want to again point out there are some fantastic websites for additional maps for multiplayer and singleplayer fans of the The Settlers History Collection.

Check out Siedelwood for The Settlers 5 & 6 and the Mapsource for The Settlers 3 to 6.

Stay tuned for more blogs and details to come soon and share your feedback with us here on The Settlers Alliance or via our social channels.

And if you got an amazing community project you want to introduce to us, are working on magical The Settlers videos or creating some really cool new maps for any of the The Settlers games then mail us at and we’ll feature you in our next blog.

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  1. Console_Release

    Dear Developers and Publishers of The Settlers,

    Civ 6 has just been announced to be coming out on consoles in Nov this year. This comes shortly after another grand strategy game, Age of Wonders Planetfall, was simultaneously released on PC, PS4 and Xbox.

    Civ 6 and and Planetfall will not be lonesome strategy games on consoles, but will have a warm welcome from PC strategy game companions like; Cities Skylines, Surviving Mars and Stellaris to name a few.

    As you can see there has been a recent explosion of PC strategy games coming to PS4 and Xbox and it appears they have been very well received judging by the ratings. I have had great fun playing them myself.

    Playing on the controller has not only not caused me any problems, but I find the dual sticks to be very good for getting around the map easily and the buttons acting as good shortcuts to in-game windows and commands.

    Settlers was the first game I had to myself along with Dungeon Keeper. It is one of my fondest childhood memories. I unfortunately am not in the strongest of financial positions and cannot afford a gaming PC to get the new Settlers, however I do have a PS4 and it would be a fantastic new memory to see the new Settlers coming to where I am; playing great strategy games where I can get them, on my console.

    Best wishes,
    Stuart the Settler (UK)

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