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Community Vote – Market Stall Icon

Hello everyone,

after our article about the Market Stalls we received some feedback regarding the “bear trap” symbol which is used on the sign of the Wild Game Stall.

We found the argument worth considering and based on this community feedback we asked our UI team to design a few alternatives to this icon.

Below you can find and vote for all 4 options available. And don’t hesitate to let us know what you think about the design in the comments!

We’re looking forward to hear your opinions on this topic!

*Please keep in mind the final design might still change and this is only a vote for the direction the icon design should go in.


  1. TSA_User58179

    Regarding the function of the market stall, I think the or an animal head would be the best icon

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  2. Pandanen

    Horns! or If there is diffrent kinds of game animals then kombine those artsy way. 🙂

  3. Lhosson

    All of them are odd. Aren’t markets supposed to have a weights and scales symbol?

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  4. TSA_User53977

    Stag Head (Skull) is for the hunter the Horn is for the bar the Man Head seems like the place to go buy things

  5. BlueBlop

    To add a few explanations, I picked the hunting horn because it is the best art from all the icons in my eyes.
    The stag head would be better to describe the market stall product, but I don’t like the art that much. In my own opinion I think it would look better if it was only one piece without those holes at the base of the antlers. Right now it looks too much like a trophy stag skull.

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  6. TSA_User42405

    I think the horn could be confused for like a rally point or something to do with war/battle. The mans head could be confused for a soldier. A market stall with a mans head on it might be misleading. I think the deer/stag symbol best describes instantly what the stall products are. Did people have a problem with the bear trap symbol?

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  7. TSA_User41723

    Number 4 is more of a woodland protector/ tamer thing.

  8. Afar1999110

    I saw like 4 different things in icon number 1 😀 At first it looked like bear paw (think Brother Bear for example). Later i saw a man (he could be a villain fron Scooby Doo :D) holding a lantern on a line (like he coiud stand on a bridge on the lake, hold it above water level and look at the depths, at night :D) Later I saw a knife, wiith a feather/thing to sharpen that knife, laying on a leather. Only when i saw that in 2 shades I understood it’s a head. Anyway I voted for it. Maybe you would consider just a paw of a bear?

  9. Enavion

    I think the horn is a nice representation for hunting in general. That’s why I voted for the horn.

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