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Community Vote – Which name fits best

Hello dear The Settlers community!

We have previously introduced the Residences to you and outlined their function in said article as well as our blog about the Food & Stamina System.

In order to summarize the function of the building again shortly:

They are occupied by up to 4 settlers (depending on the building’s level). These settlers go to market stalls where all the food ingredients, produced by the Hunter, Gatherer, the Farm etc, are offered. They bring these back to the building and prepare meals with the ingredients.

When they’ve finished cooking, they transport these meals to hungry workers to refill their stamina, e.g. a Woodcutter, a Miner etc.

A thing that we noticed based on previous playtests and player feedback was, that naming these buildings “residences” creates a wrong expectation as to the function they are fulfilling in your settlement and your economy.

We’re now planning to change the building’s name to something clearer, less confusing and closer to its function.

So now, we ask for your opinion: Given the function of the building, which name do you think fits best?

Vote for your favorite below and feel free to post your thoughts in the comments.


  1. Eiden

    I think Cookhouse fits its function best. Just “house” has the same confusion about it being only for settlers to live in and “kitchen” seems out of place and doesn’t describe the job it does as well imo.

  2. SHPRD

    For me, I think Kitchen fits the style of the game best. Cookhouse reminds of a food hall where lots of people gather to eat. Again, just my interpretation. Though both Kitchen and Cookhouse are far better options than Residence.

  3. CoeyGG

    I agree with AizooPlay, Cookhouse is a great name for the functions described for this building. And the comment about “Kitchen” being a little too modern for the setting.

  4. AizooPlay

    In my opinion, house seems too general. Cookhouse at least points out with the name what is the building’s purpose, meanwhile kitchen feels too modern for those days.

  5. TristonV007

    I voted for kitchen but I think “Commissary” would be a more direct fit for the functions it is providing.

  6. Gelson

    I voted for Cookhouse, but what about having the Residence AND another building to make meals, like a Restaurant or a Kitchen? Because settlers in a Residence may not wanting to cook to others.

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  7. gar77

    I think Cookhouse is the best It is the closes to want it is.

  8. GamingSilverNox

    I think either ‘cookhouse’ or ‘kitchen’ works well. I feel that ‘house’ would come with the same player assumptions that are associated with ‘residence’

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