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[Dev] Path of Glory – Confidence & Revolution

Detailed insight, explained by Sebastian Knietzsch – Senior Game Designer

Long Live the Revolution

Your Settlers will be more emotional about the state of affairs in your settlement than ever before. We introduce a system that we call “confidence” which determines how loyal your settlers in a district are. This system is the basis for our new alternative winning strategy Path of Glory.

Settler Loyalty

Each settler has a value defining how loyal they are to their faction. That value usually sits at zero which means “loyal”. The aforementioned feature Path of Glory can change that value. E.g. if a settler witnesses their Hero winning in the Arena, their confidence would change by +1. This is what we call “bolstered”. If they witness their Hero loosing, the value changes by -1. This is what we call “converted”. Converted settlers will not work anymore but walk to the district’s keep and start protesting.


Each of your districts has a confidence value. If there are too many protesters compared to loyal settlers in a district, confidence will fall. It will also rise again, if you have enough loyal settlers in a district. You’ll be able to see a district’s confidence in the keep’s menu and at the flag of the keep itself. Depending on the ratio of protesters and loyal settlers, the confidence will fall faster or slower.


If a district’s confidence hits zero a revolution starts. All settlers in the district, even the loyal ones, turn into protesters. One of them will go to the keep and change the flag to the color of the player that converted the most settlers in that district. In the very rare case of two players having converted the same amount of settlers, chance determines the winner.

The upside for the winner – and downside for the former owner – of this kind of district conquering is, that all buildings stay intact and all Settlers, even military units, switch sides.

Spreading Confidence

You might ask yourself: “And what do these bolstered settlers do?”

First, they will be prepared for when your enemy tries to convert them. A bolstered settler seeing their hero lose in the arena will only become a loyal settler afterwards. Second, bolstered settlers will spread their happiness among converted settlers. A bolstered settler will seek out any protester in their vicinity; they will have a sincere talk about life “n stuff” and at the end of it both will be loyal.

It may happen that a settler is furious which means they received -2 points on our loyalty scale. These settlers will still be protesters and might pass on one of these conversion points to a loyal settler that will turn into a protester as well. It needs two bolster points to make them loyal again. See some examples in the graphic below

Counter Measures

What can you do to protect your districts?

Bolster your settlers! Build e.g. statues to make your settlers forget about lost arena fights. You could also start an arena fight nearby with a friend or a foe, if you are sure enough to win.

If you have an immediate emergency and a district is already losing confidence, you can move an army there. Soldiers will always be loyal and they count towards the loyal portion of the settlers in a district. Be careful though, if there are too many converted settlers, the army might not be able to compensate this and if the district changes allegiance, so will the army.


  1. blondie2016

    Cant wait to get stuck into this new Settlers game… its looks great so far

  2. El_Michdel

    Hi there 🙂

    First thx a lot for what you do.

    Thought interesting to put a “diplomatic” path for victory, the mechanic presented here seems unrealistic and does not fit in my own way of seeing what Settlers should be.

    In my opinion a good way of introducing this could have been political or faith influence, spy networking (maybe bribing, assassinations, production disorganisation, you name it…). And ways to counter-act could be a mix of improving way of life and fear, not just statues. There are plenty of ways: feed more, pay, give people rest time… or arrest, intimidate,…
    It is odd for me to put a “medieval-fantastic” way of solving diplomacy/allegance next to a realistic “resources logistic and production micro management”…
    Spreading Confidence is interesting thought.

    It looks like soldiers will switch side and there is nothing that can be done… meeeh :/ Does not feet in my own thinking of a peasant/merchant revolution in medieval ages… Maybe there could be unrest, productivities drop, partial destruction of buildings, emigration… but a revolution is not just a bunch of people gathering to pin down a flag and cheers 😉

    I am a tenant of the first Settlers (which actually could be a good name for this new opus, a wink at the pace the game is taking!), and think the franchise should stick to what it does best and makes its originality instead of trying to dilute itself in other game styles.
    This new opus is a good re-start but i think but this “path of glory”, plus the footage i have seen of chaotic battles – with castles facing each other like archers could almost shoot at each others…. come on! 😀

    This just reinforced my thinking: keep it simple. Do what you do best.
    I think the success of games is focusing on the key mechanics and respecting there initial environment and universe in order to build a special relationship with their community.
    Right now I am thinking of games like Paradox Interactive does (Europa Universalis, Knights of Honor, Crusader Kings), they all look a bit like each other but at least they stick to and steadily improves their core features. Of course we could name plenty of others.
    Maybe settlers should have had a more straightforward and less erratic/ambitious pace. But who am I to say it 20 years after right? I am just a 30 years old that remind playing with his dad when he was 5… so maybe I am just an old “grumpy nostalgic conservative” guy 😛

    Still I am eager playing Settlers! 🙂
    again, thx to you all for what you do

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