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[Diary Studies] We want you! Apply now

We want YOU! It is time for our first “Diary Study” for The Settlers.

With our community platform “The Settlers Alliance” we continuously informed you about the development about the game, different game mechanics, introduced various buildings and asked for your opinion.

Now it is time to take it a step further and give the game in to your hands.

The first “Diary Study” is currently scheduled for the end of November, but enough with the introduction. Time for some details.

Diary Studies are a great way for us to get detailed feedback from a core groups of testers.

The first test will run for a period of 7 days and we are currently looking for “The Settlers” fans who are willing to play at least one hour a day, over the duration of the playtest, while providing daily reports and feedback.

This minimum playtime is a requirement to ensure that we receive valuable data about the current state of the game and certain features. You are not limited to one-hour playtime and will be able to test the game as long as you like over the duration of the test. However, the version for the first test will be limited.

How do I apply for the “The Settlers” Diary Study?

For our first diary study we will choose players using an application process. Please keep in mind that the application process is not a competition about who played the most, as we will always look for a variety of dedicated The Settlers players but also newcomers to the game and /or genre.


You must be 18 years old, able to play at least one hour a day plus additional time for reporting for the 7 days duration of the first test. Furthermore, we will only invite players registered on the “The Settlers Alliance” website. We expect that you are a constructive member of the The Settlers Alliance, as we do not tolerate any form of toxic or abusive behavior in our community.

To apply for one of the seats in an upcoming focus playtest, you have to write us an application, following the format below, to the following mail: E-Mail removed – application phase over.

E-Mail must contain (please copy the format below):

Title: Diary Study #1 – Your The Settlers Alliance Name

General information

Nationality / Age / Gender

Your The Settlers Alliance Name:

Your display name from your Uplay account you used to register on
(Simply post a comment under the news to figure out your User Name)

Your current hardware:

CPU, RAM, Videocard, Operating System
DXDiag attached to the email would be optimal

Gametime (approximate playtime):

The Settlers Online playtime in hours:
The Settlers 1 playtime in hours:
The Settlers 2 playtime in hours:
The Settlers 3 playtime in hours:
The Settlers 4 playtime in hours:
The Settlers 5 playtime in hours:
The Settlers 6 playtime in hours:
The Settlers 7 playtime in hours:

What is your favorite The Settlers title and why:

Please describe your “The Settlers” playstyle:

For example: Building the perfect economy, watching everything coming together (slow build up), military focus, etc.

What is your most important feature/aspect about The Settlers:

Tell us your three favorite game genres:

Action; strategy; city building; RPG; adventure; etc.;

What other games do you currently or frequently play?

Game A; Game B;

What does focus playtest mean?

Diary studies are in-depth online play sessions from your own PC where you test & play the development build. Focus test sessions will run for at least a week and it is required that you play at least one hour each day in order to be able to provide us detailed feedback.

I can manage one hour a day for one or two weeks easily, but can I play longer?

While 1 hour is the minimum, you will be able to test the game for as long as you like during the test. Please be aware that the version for the first test will be limited.

What if I get invited but won’t have time during that playtest?

If you won’t be able to join that playtest due to specific circumstances, please let us know. This will give the chance for other testers to join the test.

What kind of feature will I be able to test?

During a playtest, we will test certain features of a current development build of the game. While we might test the whole game loop during certain tests, we will additionally test specific features and game content.

Are the playtests under NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)?

As you can imagine, you will see many unreleased details in order to help us improve the game. As the content you will experience is not in a state representative of what the final game will be, we don’t want that any content from the focus playtests is getting shared with the public.

With the NDA, you acknowledge that you won’t share any details about the game or other internal information with the public.

Is there an age requirement?

While we know that many fans across all age groups enjoy The Settlers, you need to be at least 18 + for all playtest sessions under NDA, which includes all current focus playtests.


  1. TSA_User70513

    I’m looking forward to the release! The game looks visually beautiful and cozy and can’t wait to loose myself in the little worlds I create.

  2. jimc

    Oh well.

    Filled everything out and sent the email by office 2019 only to get a send error .

  3. jimc

    After having played many of the settlers game it would be interesting to see what the new version will look like.

  4. Hunfox

    It would be great to test this masterpiece!
    I’m looking forward to the little blue people!

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  6. SandyGK

    I’ve played all the Settlers.
    Settler 1 completed on my Amiga
    Settler 2 Completed and 3 and 4.
    Not 5 not to keen when the game was paused to say something, but loved guns on Towers and Weather.
    Play 3 and 4 still
    Settler 6 sometimes
    Settler 7 Completed but played every now and then, but most hours spent on Settlers Online.
    Really looking forward to the latest Settler Game. I love zooming in to see what the settlers are doing and in the new game they are all individual.
    I registered here for a chance on the Beta, anyway good luck to you all for a chance in joining too

  7. Imparfecto

    Quite glad I had caught this before the cutoff date! Just returned home after working abroad for 2 months; now to enjoy a well-earned extended holiday for the Christmas season.

    Really good news to see that this is progressing onto playtests now.

  8. yvartjhe

    Looks like a super fun game 🙂 Looking forward to play!

  9. Antworten zum Kommentar anzeigen
  10. Edward Gladstones

    This sounds great !!! Hope I’m not too late to join the squad…….

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  11. JellyCoatedBean

    YES YES YES! A new Settlers! I still play The Settlers 2 every day. The music, the look, the nostalgia, the gameplay, I love it. I started playing when I was 10 years old, haven’t stopped since. Thank you for your amazing games <3

  12. RvVelzen

    I’ve played all the different settlers including the gold versions and am very excited to play this new version (currently playing the online version every day), hope i can join this test version

  13. PharTing

    Will each further diary study utilise the same successful applicants, or you will run this application process for each study?

    Just noting that 7 days are mentioned here, but the game is not actually scheduled for release until 31st December 2020. Wondering how much ongoing involvement there may be through until late next year?

    Antworten zum Kommentar anzeigen
  14. TSA_User63977

    Hope to get in, been a long 7 years since the last time I got to go settlers mad.

  15. TSA_Hemdoa

    Hurray a new Settlers , Still remember the 1st game in the Amiga era !!!!

  16. TSA_User63855

    As a Gamer and Game Developer, this is a dream come true after many years of waiting!

  17. QawPaw

    would be very great to test this new game looks awesome

  18. blondie2016

    Cant wait to test this new Settlers, just looking at the news on it makes me want to play it more.

  19. Jaz2000

    when do we find out if we got in ?

    Antworten zum Kommentar anzeigen
  20. RodC22

    I would love to help test this great new version of Settlers. My favorites were the earlier games (Settlers 2, 3, 4) and this latest version seems like it captures a lot of the magic from the old school Settlers days.

  21. Percky

    If somebody needs help with the DX-Diag:

  22. Percky

    I hope so bad that they take me, I just can not wait anymore haha

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  23. AizooPlay

    The pain… 🙁
    I don’t meet the age requirement to apply, but that’d be an honor to get accepted.
    As I’m not really suitable for the application, I’ll just wait for the game to get relased. Good luck and positive information only!

  24. Molsonman

    I’ve Played ALL of the settlers, and my fav’s are Settlers 2 and 4! Literally cant wait for the new one, it cant come soon enough as its been way to long now since Settlers 7.
    Settlers online was ok for a couple of years, but the new one needs to arrive early 2020!

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