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[GC] New Trailer & Social Channels reminder

The Settlers are visiting gamescom once more and have a brand new trailer for you!

Follow them on their journey to new lands, build, expand, conquer and discover new mysteries.

Don’t forget to follow our social media accounts over on Facebook and Twitter during gamescom to not miss out any news and get our first-hand impressions from the convention!


  1. Fyrefang

    2020 looks like it will be a great year for games!

  2. TSA_User41723

    Will there be a campaign? 🙂

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  3. BlueBlop

    Sad to see it delayed but I think it will be the best Settlers yet!

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  4. Jaz2000

    just looked at preorder and it say release date 31/12/2020
    thought it was fall 2019 ?

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