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Geologist’s Hut – Finding resources at a deeper level

Not all resource deposits are visible from above ground. Many precious resources are located underground and while they’re usually near cliff sides, only a specialist can find and mark them.

Time to build the Geologist’s Hut and send out our Geologists.

To construct the Geologist’s Hut, our settlement has to be on Town-Level (). As soon as the construction has finished, two Geologists will move in and will start to search for underground deposits. We can direct their search area via a focus point.

After they found a deposit, the Geologist will place a sign at the location indicating how rich the deposit is; they range from low over medium to high. We can now place a mine near the deposit to exploit it.

The respective mine building has to at least be on Town-Level () before it offers a mining entrance and its workers are able to make use of the underground deposits.


  1. Men Of Iron

    Will resoursces be unlimited , I mean in settlers 7 you can build geologist who can incraise it’s capacity ?

  2. Ubi-Thorlof

    Hey, to address 2 points that were mentioned:

    Yes, the cooking pot on that banner is a placeholder and will not be there on the final building 😉

    And: we decided to make the sign a bit smaller/shorter.

    Thank you for your feedback! 🙂

  3. Eiden

    I love that geologists are back and working like this. It brings back great memories of classic Settlers and the joy of striking gold for the first time.
    Like Jen0va I do think the sign/icon needs some work as it looks too much like a pot and ladle at the moment. I assume it is supposed to be a mortar and pestle which is fair enough but it doesn’t immediately look like it. Perhaps another vote with some options is in order? 🙂

  4. DuckyDuck88

    I would put a geologist map or something like this on a big table next to the house =)

  5. Jen0va

    Does that resource sign seem a bit too big and cartoony? Its twice as big as the worker. Also why is there a flag showing a bowl of soup with a ladle in it on the side of the geologists hut?

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  6. Hellfire

    Do we know when Settlers will be released? I would really love to play at least a Beta during this time of being stuck at home.

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  7. Anorakium

    Do the geologists shout ‘woo-hoo!’ when they find resources though? 😉

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