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[Meet The Team] Edgar – Art Director

In our new video series “Meet The Team” we introduce different members from our development team.

They will share insights into their every-day work, the challenges they face and how they like to relax after a busy day in the office. We’re planning to release a new video every month to introduce you to different members and their work.

We start off with Edgar Bittencourt, the Art Director for The Settlers and answer questions like: What does an Art Director do and where does he draw the inspiration for his job from?

Do you have any additional questions to Edgar? Put them in the comments and we will publish his answers in a future blog.

One Comment

  1. blondie2016

    Dear Edgar,

    You are a very inspiring person to listen to and love your artwork for previous versions of settlers as well as the new one that I cant wait to play. I’m so glad that Ubisoft have put this video on Settlers Alliance as it makes the game even more personal for the player. Thank you for your hard work and your beautiful art.

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