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Military School – Even our soldiers need to go to school

After the Training Ground, the Military School is the second recruiting place we can build. It’s focused solely on close-combat units using swords or axes.

It can be constructed at Village-Level and upgraded twice to recruit more advanced units.

At Village-Level we can train and recruit Swordsmen who just require a sword. And if we we’re planning any sieges we can use axes to recruit Axemen, who are able to climb walls.

Town-Level gives us access to the more advanced armored Knight who additionally needs a Mail Hauberk.

Finally, at City Level, we can recruit mighty Paladins which require a Plate Cuirass and fearless Berserkers wearing Refined Leather Armor.

While we can order the training of a certain amount of units in advance, the recruits will have to wait for the required equipment to be stored at the Military School before they can begin their training.

Upgrading the building will also unlock more training spots, helping you train more soldiers simultaneously.

Please note: Everything described and shown is not final. Graphics and features subject to change.


  1. HoochIsCrazy

    Very excited for this game! I remember playing Settlers 1 in 1993 of which I had on a floppy disk!

    Is there any plans in the Settlers roadmap where mod tools will be released to the community?

  2. BluBliop

    Joke aside, soldiers are solo fighting or can they be assigned to squads with combat formations and such.

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  3. BluBliop

    So guys long time has passed can you include the expansion also at release :D?

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