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[Com] Time for Nostalgia: a trip through history – part 1

One thing that has become clear over the last few weeks, starting with the announcement at Gamescom, was, that the idea of the perfect The Settlers game can differ very greatly from one player to the next.
The experiences you all had, the memories that were created and stuck with you are massively varied and still always positive and considered to be “typical for The Settlers” by each of you.

So with the release of the History Collection, the re-release of all major games of the series we all love, we decided to ask some of you for your favourite The Settlers moment: Memories that always come to mind when you hear “The Settlers” mentioned, anecdotes about triumphant victories, night-long multiplayer matches with friends or that one time when everything went terribly wrong.

The Settlers I, having been released in 1993 for Amiga and 1994 for PC, many in the forums and Social Media still remember playing with floppy disks (and often even still having them, which is very impressive!).

Caesar III was “infected” by a friend:

Back then, must’ve been ’94, my dad bought an Amiga 500 for the family. A little bit later he also got the 512kB RAM extension. Of course we quickly noticed we could use it for games and we started increasing our game collection bit by bit.

One day we visited friends and he was playing this relaxed game with little men, standing on roads, looking around und carrying stuff. I was absolutely fascinated and of course wanted to have this game, too.

Back home, the game was played endlessly, even though the 1MB RAM wasn’t quite enough to enjoy the game with full audio on the biggest map size.

The second instalment not only captured the essence of the first one but also added many of things which made playing easier, like for example a tutorial and building descriptions. And for the often mentioned “Wuselfactor”, there now were a lot more animals moving around, more detailed buildings, ships and different races with their very own building styles.

Mopster not only participated in our screenshot contest in September but also let us know about his absolute favourite game of the series: The Settlers II.

I must’ve spent so many hours, days and nights in this game. I even held on to the copy of my favorite gaming magazine with Settlers 2 on the cover. I’d still read it sometimes. The Gold Edition has a special place in my heart.
The screenshot in question is my latest try at the Europe map of the Settlers 2 Gold Edition with 8 hours on clock, conquered the entire map, except for the northeast. My Industrial heart lies in Italy and Czech. I knew from previous games I had to get past the Alps as soon as possible, a race against the clock.

With The Settlers III, the series took quite a leap, now again with Volker Wertich at the helm: No more roads and a lot more direct controls, be it for your geologists or – and this was a big change – for your soldiers. KeepCalmCarry92 remembers:

I adored The Settlers III. Back then countless hours of my childhood went into this title. In my opinion this wasn’t just a milestone for the building-up/RTS genre as a whole, especially the love for detail and the diversity was incredible: Three very different races (Asians, Egyptians, Romans), a colourful, lively world with race-specific buildings and a singleplayer campaign with the animated intro about the gods relaxing in their temple and then being forced to select one from their people to start all over again.

At the same time The Settlers III kept many traditions: Soldiers could be upgraded and your territory was still expanded by building towers or castles. Even in regards to the economy things stayed the same: Fishers, farmers, bakers and butchers made sure your miners were supplied all the time and mined coal and iron for your heavy industry.

Let’s not forget, though, the most important part of The Settlers: The carriers!

No matter if they were restricted to roads, where you needed to carefully place flags or if they walked their own paths into the ground: Nothing in your realm would work without those busy carriers.

Interestingly enough, in only very few discussions about the old titles or the recently announced The Settlers, these poor guys were the focus of attention. There were talks about towers, about roads and flags, about what’s the best way to control your military and the geologists’ excited “yippie” upon finding new minerals. But the carriers? There were only complaints about them getting stuck at swamps in The Settlers III…where’s your carrier-love, dear community?

But, well, so let’s instead come to an end with another nostalgic memories of The Settlers 1 and some hopes for the future by gekillte:

I loved it back then and was basically glued to the PC, nothing could distract me. I always played it in waves for hours on end. And not only that, it’s still fun for me since it’s the first part and has a great inner logic, everything just makes sense. That’s why I’m already excited for the new game and hope some parts of the old titles will influence it, for example the economy. In The Settlers 1 it was always clear if I produced too much or too little and that’s why I love this all-time classic.

The sometimes surprising thing is: Lots of you wrote you’re still playing the old games or returning to them from time to time. So it’s not just romanticised nostalgia of games played for the last time 20 years in the past.
And all this has just been a small fraction of the stories we already read in the comments here on the The Settlers Alliance, in the forums and on Social Media. With the History Collection releasing very soon we’ll all be able to relive some of those memories and create new ones – after all there’ll be lots of opportunities for enjoyable multiplayer matches from now on where anything can happen.

To celebrate the launch of the The Settlers History Collection there’ll be a release Stream on November 15th with special guest Volker Wertich. Tune in for some The Settlers 3 gameplay, a small giveaway and lots of nostalgia.

And if you didn’t let us know your little The Settlers story, scroll down to the comments and tell us. We’ll be joining you soon to share our own.


  1. Maru

    I guess it’s reminiscing time. I remember the day I embarked upon my journey with Settlers, the Settlers III to be more precise, very vividly, mostly because, coincidentally, it was also the day my serious love life has begun.

    It was the 2nd of March 2006. Heavy, rainy clouds were looming in the sky. A 13-year-old me was walking by his favourite game store when I saw it, right there, behind the in-store display stood proudly on the little podium with a majestic number 3 covered in plastic foil, a girl of my dreams – her name was Maya. She was helping her mom put up the display. When I walked into the store she didn’t notice me. I had very little money so, to not make myself look weird, I bought the cheapest game in the store – The Settlers III, and walked out w/o saying a word. It turns lots of copies remained unsold so Maya took one for herself and started playing it online on her father’s PC. I abandoned my copy shortly after I bought it. However, once I found out Maya was so much into it, I decided to try playing online myself. We met on the lobby shortly after that rainy day (around 6 PM on 24th of May 2007).

    We became true friends there. When I played Egyptian she used to say “you are rocking my world baby.” We got in really close and I decided to ask her to be my girlfriend during a school disco. She said yes and we were dancing all evening. She couldn’t dance very well – we were a little unsynchronized. Then I remembered how during one of our S3 matches the game had desynchronised and I had kept playing for another 2 hours while she went out to sleep. Other time we played map called Teamwork, I spilled tomato soup all over my keyboard. So I couldn’t type her that I need help and I got destroyed. She hadn’t noticed until it was already too late. She broke up with me shortly after, apparently “my teamwork sucks.”

    Since that girl I started comparing women to settlers maps. For example some are like METZEL – flat but rich in goods, you can aim for the long run but you know it’s not gonna last because there is always something bugging them. Others are like randoms, curvy but full of surprises. If you aren’t vigilant you will end up without water, stuck between 3 guys and nowhere to go. Sometimes they are the mirror image of yourself. With LG-maps-like girls you will experience a slow start, but careful planning always pays off in the long run. Now remember guys, when it comes to intellect, a girl cannot lag behind you more than a Settlers 4 Gameranger game.

    Maya and I got back together a few year after. I hope our love will bloom again in 4k on Win10.


  2. Aliestor

    I remember being 4 years old watching my big brother play settlers 1. His rules were simple “be quiet or leave” so I sat quietly watching him play. A few months after I tried opening the game and play on my own I remember the rush of turning on the computer and opening settlers 1 on my own for the first time. I was literally so scared I closed the game again. Afterwards I started playing it and then the dynamic changed when it became my neighbor who watched me play 🙂

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