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Player Feedback – We hear you

Over the course of the past months we shared blog posts about different mechanics, buildings and other parts of the game. You, on the other hand, shared your feedback in the comments, on Facebook, Twitter or other channels.

Additionally, with the help of the User Research Lab, we received feedback from different play-tests where you experienced the game.

The constant flow of feedback is very important to us to improve certain features, the user interface or other aspects of the game.

In this blog post we want to share some of the learnings and changes we applied after going through the feedback.

Every game starts with your colony ships and your settlers unloading materials to bring to the shore line. However, the player doesn’t know how many carriers, workers, builders or resources are left on this ship.

Now the ship is clickable and provides you with an overview of its cargo.

In order to make it clearer to the player we improved the visibility of the gather-able resources when placing the appropriate building.

The Settlers will have more buildings than any other The Settlers game before. Therefore, it is important to us that you not only can read the building when it is placed and constructed but also differentiate the buildings easily in construction menu.

The mini map is crucial part in a build-up strategy game. Displaying all the correct information at the correct time could be challenging. While our first iteration of the mini map was not giving enough information, the team came a long way to improve the mini map, changing the visualization, adding various filters and more. (Please note: The minimap is still not final)

Those are just a few bigger examples of many adjustments we implemented based on your feedback to offer you the best The Settlers experience.

Thanks again for all your comments and valuable feedback. More play-tests will come in the near future. Keep your eyes open and your ears peeled.

As always, feel free to express your opinion in the comments below.


  1. TSA_User51964

    I pre-ordered the game October 2019 and it is now April 2020. Still no sign of a release date. While I do understand that a game needs feedback before launch, I feel however that I have been cheated because I was never allowed to play the beta and my money has been riding on it for over half a year already. If the game is not released soon I will ask for a refund and I will NEVER pre-order again!

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  2. noel14630

    Can the game be played on Apple imac if not why ? win 10 is not good I think apple is going to be the leading programme I can see Apple taking over in the future as I have been useing apple mac for 60 years thank you .

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  3. BlueBlop

    Good changes but most of these examples feel like common sense features that even the most casual player (5-6 hours a week) would consider they are needed and I assume most of the developers are also gamers in the Düsseldorf studio.
    IF the tech tests would make you change something big in the game, that would be impressive the rest just feel like PR in my own opinion.
    But still the game looks great and I’ll probably preorder when you establish a firm release date.

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