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Gold Edition

Enhance your The Settlers® experience by getting the Gold Edition including the following digital content:

  • Full The Settlers® game
  • Monuments & Merchants expansion:

    • Discover new rare resources on the Nova Tagall Archipelago, which offer you new options for buildings, weapons and trade.
    • Build alliances with the merchant fleet of the Tagallians to hold yourself against the mighty Sunchild.
    • Trade goods with the Tagallian merchant ships to get crucial benefits.
    • Build a frigate with more storage room and tenders.
    • Conduct direct trade with allied, neutral or hostile player- and NPC-factions over land or sea.
    • Impress your settlers with monumental buildings, to receive unique advantages or to make the adherents of your opponents to join you.
  • Gazebo of Tranquility ULC: Make your town more peaceful with the exclusive decorative Gazebo of Tranquility.
  • Wishing Well ULC: Please your settlers with this magnificent wishing well.
  • Play 3 days early: Pre-Order The Settlers® Gold Edition and play up to 3 days early to become a true pioneer of the game.

Gazebo of Tranquility

Wishing Well

Pre-Order Bonus

Pre-Order The Settlers® Gold Edition to get the following in-game item:

  •  Statue of the first Settlers: What is more important to a town than its history? With this breathtaking Statue, give a unique historical background to your town.