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Silver Mine & Gold Mine – Looking for something preciousssss

Everyone likes shiny things, including our settlers. Since we set up the basics of our heavy industry and have copper for tools and coins, it’s time to expand and build some Silver Mines and Gold Mines.

Both resources are used to produce coins in the Mint. The coins can be used in two ways:

First you can use them to grow your population faster when copper coins are not exciting enough anymore to attract immigrating settlers. While silver will enable you to reach a solid population, gold is always very attractive and allows you to reach the highest amount of settlers total.

Second you can store the coins in specific storages, and those riches will additionally motivate all your soldiers when they are attacking enemy territory, as the coins are their potential reward for defeating the enemies. Of course, shiny gold coins are more attractive than copper coins, while silver is in the middle.

The Silver Mine requires our settlement to be on Town-Level (), which also means that underground mining is available right away. It can be upgraded once.

At Town-Level () three workers are mining Silver on surface or underground deposits.

At City-Level (), a fourth worker joins his colleagues.

When even more rare metals are required, it’s time to build the Gold Mine.

The Gold Mine requires your settlement to be on City-Level (), four workers mine valuable gold from surface and underground deposits.

To discover the underground deposits, we first have to build a Geologist’s Hut and send our Geologist out to look for them. As soon as they found a deposit and marked it with a sign, we can build a mine in the vicinity and start exploiting it.


  1. Ec0nomist

    This is starting to look more and more inspired from The Settlers III which has hyped up my interest ten fold!

    If this game is re-newing and building gently on top of the settlers III(3), i will pre-order this game, something i’ve never done in my 31 years on this earth.

    It’s been one of my all time favorite games. But please dont go down the path of the other settlers games. They were such a dissapointment gameplay-wise.

  2. Ursulus

    I like the Geologist hut.. makes sense as I often wondered in previous versions where the geologists trained! Admittedly, in previous version as long as you had a hammer you could have a geologist!

  3. DragonFlykm

    I not too sure if I like the idea of having to build a building specific to the Geologist. In the past they have always been just a unit you send. If you want to go down this path, maybe a person from a mine or other building can create and send out the Geologist.

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