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Starting from Scratch: From Concept to Model

Many different models have to be designed for the world of The Settlers: From houses over trees and animals to the settlers themselves.

In this example we want to show you the way from a 2D concept drawing to the final model in the game. Have a look how the leader of the Axemen, Ragnar, comes to life!


  1. shepshep22

    That would be really good to see the rough working hours.

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  2. TSA_User63588

    Wow! what a great time lapse. To think of how much work goes into the details, always adds to the joy of game the play for me.

  3. BlueBlop

    Ragnar looks great, I guess the basic axemen are not done yet? Those guys carry pole arms though.

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  4. ReubyJuice

    Thanks for the cool video! It’s great to see how much work goes into creating each character, really puts things in perspective in the context of the game.

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