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[Stream] First The Settlers livestream – September 13

Following our gamescom presence and the fantastic feedback we received be it during the convention or through your comments online, we thought it’s time for our very first The Settlers live stream.

This way, everyone who wasn’t able to visit us in the Ubisoft Lounge at gamescom, will be able to get a great first look at the game and watch it in action.

We will start building our very own settlement and answer your questions about what we’re showing or just simply the The Settlers in general.

Tune in on September 13 at 6pm (UK) over on Twitch and join us for a relaxed hour of The Settlers!


  1. TSA_User66183

    Is there a chance to participate to Alpha/Beta testing?

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  2. WgizmO

    Just watched all stream and I’m really impressed with the game play and which direction it take! Keep it up guys and looking forward for more streams/podcasts.

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  3. Adagio

    Any uploaded video of this livestream for us who missed it?

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  4. BlueBlop

    SO we are still on for tomorrow , also it wasn’t mentioned but it will be in English right? German speakers had their turn at the convention.

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  5. TSA_User48851


    and what Central European time it will be?


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