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[Dev] Path of Glory – Confidence & Revolution

Detailed insight, explained by Sebastian Knietzsch – Senior Game Designer

Long Live the Revolution

Your Settlers will be more emotional about the state of affairs in your settlement than ever before. We introduce a system that we call “confidence” which determines how loyal your settlers in a district are. This system is the basis for our new alternative winning strategy Path of Glory.

Settler Loyalty

Each settler has a value defining how loyal they are to their faction. That value usually sits at zero which means “loyal”. The aforementioned feature Path of Glory can change that value. E.g. if a settler witnesses their Hero winning in the Arena, their confidence would change by +1. This is what we call “bolstered”. If they witness their Hero loosing, the value changes by -1. This is what we call “converted”. Converted settlers will not work anymore but walk to the district’s keep and start protesting.


Each of your districts has a confidence value. If there are too many protesters compared to loyal settlers in a district, confidence will fall. It will also rise again, if you have enough loyal settlers in a district. You’ll be able to see a district’s confidence in the keep’s menu and at the flag of the keep itself. Depending on the ratio of protesters and loyal settlers, the confidence will fall faster or slower.


If a district’s confidence hits zero a revolution starts. All settlers in the district, even the loyal ones, turn into protesters. One of them will go to the keep and change the flag to the color of the player that converted the most settlers in that district. In the very rare case of two players having converted the same amount of settlers, chance determines the winner.

The upside for the winner – and downside for the former owner – of this kind of district conquering is, that all buildings stay intact and all Settlers, even military units, switch sides.

Spreading Confidence

You might ask yourself: “And what do these bolstered settlers do?”

First, they will be prepared for when your enemy tries to convert them. A bolstered settler seeing their hero lose in the arena will only become a loyal settler afterwards. Second, bolstered settlers will spread their happiness among converted settlers. A bolstered settler will seek out any protester in their vicinity; they will have a sincere talk about life “n stuff” and at the end of it both will be loyal.

It may happen that a settler is furious which means they received -2 points on our loyalty scale. These settlers will still be protesters and might pass on one of these conversion points to a loyal settler that will turn into a protester as well. It needs two bolster points to make them loyal again. See some examples in the graphic below

Counter Measures

What can you do to protect your districts?

Bolster your settlers! Build e.g. statues to make your settlers forget about lost arena fights. You could also start an arena fight nearby with a friend or a foe, if you are sure enough to win.

If you have an immediate emergency and a district is already losing confidence, you can move an army there. Soldiers will always be loyal and they count towards the loyal portion of the settlers in a district. Be careful though, if there are too many converted settlers, the army might not be able to compensate this and if the district changes allegiance, so will the army.


[Dev] Path of Glory – Recruitment, Training & Tournament

Detailed insight, explained by Sebastian Knietzsch – Senior Game Designer

Path of Glory is one of the new strategies to take over districts and as a result win games in The Settlers. You can recruit heroes, train them and send them into arena fights. For glory!

Recruitment & Training

If you want to recruit a hero, you need to build the “Heroes’ Retreat” first. Here lives, trains and eats the hero and their sparring partner. It is important to know, that your hero will arrive from the colony ship. Building the Heroes Retreat inland will mean a longer travel time for your hero, building it on a shore could mean a longer walk to the arena.

Currently heroes can be of 3 different weapon schools.

  • School of the Beak heroes fight with swords
  • School of the Pincer heroes fight with clubs and maces
  • School of the Claw heroes prefer heavy weapons like axes

If heroes have enough to eat and do not prepare for an arena fight, they can be trained. Training improves attributes which in turn affect stats, so our hero can take more hits, better evade attacks from the opponent or hit harder.

Tournament Preparation

In order to hold a tournament, you need to build an arena. This requires enough space and plenty of building materials. If you decide to follow the Path of Glory your infrastructure should be ready for it.

Here two worker will take up the job of the herald. If you wish to hold a tournament you select the arena, choose one of your heroes, if you have multiple “Heroes’ Retreats”, and then a spot in the territory of the player you want to challenge. Your hero will immediately go to the arena and will wait for their opponent to arrive.

In the meantime, one of your heralds will go to the location you selected and announce the tournament. Settlers will stop working, gather around and follow your herald to the arena, filling the ranks as spectators. So, initiating a tournament already has an impact on the economy of your opponent.

The player can decide to accept the challenge and send a hero – or to forfeit. If a hero was chosen, he or she will also join the herald. In the meantime, your other herald will announce the duel locally in your territory and idling settlers will go to the arena to cheer for your hero.

The Fight

Once all spectators and both contenders arrived, the spectacle can begin. In a series of blows, parries and counters the heroes will fight until one of them is defeated. Some spectators belonging to the winning hero will receive a confidence boost whereas some spectators supporting the loosing hero will lose confidence. Settlers with low confidence will turn into protesters, which can lead to revolutions – but more on that in the next Dev Blog.


If your enemy forfeits a challenge, the trainer of your hero will join in the arena for a show fight which your hero will always win. Your herald will still bring settlers of your enemy as spectators and these will not be happy. In fact, they will find it worse than watching their own hero lose.

Friendly Tournaments

If you want, you can also invite settlers of an ally to a show fight between your hero and their trainer. All spectators will receive a confidence boost at the end of the match. This can help to make your settlers forget an earlier defeat or prepare for a future one.


Statues can be built not only to honor your heroes but are a counter measure to soothe settlers who watched their idols lose. From time to time settlers with low confidence will visit those statues to contemplate and heal.