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Over 1 year of The Settlers Alliance

It’s been a little bit over a year since we launched The Settlers Alliance and announced the new The Settlers. The plan to share insights into the development of this new installment of the series with you, our community, filled the website with life:

Blogs introducing game mechanics and buildings of the new The Settlers, the launch of the The Settlers History Collection together with guides and additional info as well as tons of screenshots and gameplay videos are now available for you to read.

On top of that, you wrote hundreds of comments with feedback, suggestions and questions around The Settlers, created videos and streams.

Therefore, here is a big thank you for all the input and support we received from you over the last year. This is what the The Settlers Alliance is about and what keeps us motivated.

Until the release of the game in 2020 there are still many things we want to show you and many questions we want to answer. This means many more dev blogs, community votes, videos and streams.

We’re excited for the coming months and are looking forward to seeing The Settlers Alliance grow even further.

To celebrate the anniversary and recap gamescom 2019 we’ve done a live stream this week showing live gameplay of the new The Settlers. If you missed it – don’t worry. You can find the VOD below: