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[TSHC] Changelog 27 February

The Settlers IV History Edition

  • Fixed some causes for Fatal Error to happen and the game to crash. (We are still working on improving and fixing other various issues related to this topic.)
  • Fixed an issue where the “Maya music” would not start after a fight / combat situation

The Settlers Heritage of Kings History Edition

  • Fixed several localization issues in German language
  • Fixed an issue where a farmer spawned at the village center to work as a barkeeper. It will now spawn the appropriate unit

The Settlers VII Paths to a Kingdom History Edition

  • Added missing Club Rewards localization for several languages
  • Fixed an issue where the game would de-synchronize when creating a multiplayer game with “co-op mode” applied
  • Fixed an issue where the window “Achievement unlocked” would pop up several times
  • Fixed an issue that the lobby was not updated correctly when adding AI

[TSHC] Changelog 13 February

The Settlers III History Edition

  • Added the option to invert mouse scrolling in the config menu
  • Added multiple savegame slots for multiplayer games
  • Adjusted wording when a host tried to remove himself from the game
  • Fixed an issue where grouping units with Alt 1-9 did not work properly
  • Fixed an issue with the in-game chat. Chat should now scroll and act correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where players did not leave the game lobby after accepting a new invite.
  • Fixed an issue that the wrong music was played

The Settlers IV History Edition

  • Added English & French localization for both add-ons (Names: “New World” & “Great Crusades”)
  • Adjusted the hit points and the damage for Trojans in Multiplayer matches. They now match with the other races. (ONLY multiplayer)
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong Maya and Vikings music was played
  • Fixed an issue where exported Maps from The Settlers 4 History Edition Map Editor did not go in to the correct folder
  • Fixed an issue where players did not leave the game lobby after accepting a new invite
  • Fixed an issue where the “Allow Trojans” box was not ticked in a multiplayer match but players could still choose them
  • Fixed an issue where multiplayer saves games on random maps could not be loaded

The Settlers Heritage of Kings History Edition

  • Fixed several localization issues in German language
  • Fixed an issue where Multiplayer was not available in the “Expansion Disc” and “Legends Expansion”
  • Fixed an issue where players did not leave the game lobby after accepting a new invite
  • Fixed an issue where the technology “Town watch” was unlocked but had no result. It will now unlock the correct technology

The Settlers Rise of an Empire History Edition

  • Fixed an issue where some laptop users could not launch the game and received the message “graphics adapter does not meet minimum requirements”
  • Fixed an issue where players did not leave the game lobby after accepting a new invite.

The Settlers VII Paths to a Kingdom History Edition

  • Fixed an issue where players did not leave the game lobby after accepting a new invite.
  • Fixed an issue where unlocked Club rewards were not accessible in-game

Thanks to all the community contributions, bug and feedback reports. You made our life easier and we really appreciate your help.


[TSHC] Changelog 19 December

The Settlers II History Edition

  • Fixed an issue where the “End of game” windows keeps popping up despite the “Continue game” option is chosen

The Settlers III History Edition

  • Fixed an issue with auto save.
    • The game will now auto save – if enabled in the config menu – in Multiplayer, Singleplayer: Scenario and Campaign.
  • Improved online connectivity by optimizing NAT settings
    • Players had greyed out buttons in Multiplayer sessions even if correct ports (3074 UDP) was forwarded
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong music track was playing in the mission CD Campaign

The Settlers IV History Edition

  • Implemented Map Editor
    • The Map Editor is now accessible via Uplay -> The Settlers IV -> Play
  • Fixed an issue with de-synchronization while playing a multiplayer match against AI

The Settlers Heritage of Kings History Edition

  • Adjusted the key bindings in-game to reflect Uplay Settings

The Settlers Rise of an Empire History Edition

  • Adjusted the key bindings in-game to reflect Uplay Settings
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[Guide] The Settlers 7 Paths to a Kingdom – History Edition

Today we want to look at the last part of the History Collection: The Settlers 7!

This part features much more complex economic cycles than the previous two The Settlers games and brings a pinch of innovation using sectors and victory points to the The Settlers world.

River town:

The map “River town” is great for a particularly easy start – in addition to the campaign.

Choose the AI “Countrybumpkin Rupert” with “Easy” level for an easy start.

As you will see, you already have two sectors at the beginning. This solves the lack of space problem for a while, something with which one always has to fight in The Settlers 7.

We now begin with the classic start strategy in the first sector, constructing a lodge, to which we attach a woodcutter, a forester and a sawmill. A second lodge is needed to build a hunter. More than one hunter would be too much for the small amount of wild animals in the starting sector. Now set the food in the hunter’s lodge to “fancy food” – more to that topic later in the expert tip at the end of this guide.

Tip: Once you raised these buildings, it is advisable to set the work area for both the forester and the hunter so that they know where to work.

Next, you should build a mountain shelter with three quarries at the stone deposit. In contrast to the hunter you cannot build too many miners – the more you build the more you get.

To make use of the goods from the hunter, build your first noble residence to which you attach two butchers and provide them with “fancy food”.

Streets and Carriers:

Below your castle is an idyllic riverbank with fishing grounds. We would like to use this but first need to construct a way there. Since the road to the water is very long, you should build a storehouse midway.

The storehouse has a very similar function in The Settlers 7 to the flags in The Settlers I and II:

Between them walk carriers, who frequently take the goods from one storehouse and bring them to the next. However, a storehouse always houses multiple carriers (and can be upgraded later), so you need significantly less of them.

Tip: In order to ensure an efficient economy, you should always build storehouses in the middle of a sector and on the borders between the sectors. In particularly large sectors, more storehouses may be required.

Afterwards you can build a lodge with three fishers at the fishing grounds. In order to get the bread production going as well, you need 1-2 grain barns (they need a lot of space for the fields!), a windmill and a bakery.

More prestige!

With the help of “prestige” you can unlock new buildings in The Settlers 7. For the next prestige level you are missing two prestige points at the beginning of the game. Build two large prestige objects (they only need stones) and you can unlock your first prestige option.

As reward you should choose the option to unlock the stronghold, export office and church now. This decision essentially determines which economic branch you have to focus on in the following game! In this guide we decide in favor of the church and build it at a place where we have plenty of space (!). The second of your two sectors works best here.

So, why do we need so much space? You can add prestige extensions to the three special buildings and they are much cheaper than the normal prestige objects – but they need a lot of space.

However, make sure that the construction of the special building does not block the rest of the economy. Use the logistics view, if you want to change the building order:

Occupy new sectors:

You have 10 coins at the beginning. You can use these to recruit soldiers without having any barracks. Hire two pikemen and one musketeer in the tavern and assign them to your general.

Together with the four soldiers you’re starting with you now have 7 soldiers, which is enough to take the two adjacent sectors in the North West and South East. With the help of these sectors, you can mine iron ore and coal to process it in an iron smelter. Build three buildings per raw material. With a well-organized arrangement, the existing space is enough:

Remember to use geologists in the mines later to revive depleted deposits!

First, use the raw materials for the construction of tools. You should set the toolmaker’s working option to “On Demand”. Otherwise, you will soon have a tool overproduction and take away the resources from the blacksmith.

In general, there are some important points for sector capturing:

  • For the construction of soldiers, you need weapons and gold. Later, horses and wheels become important.
  • Pay attention to whether a sector is defended by towers before capturing it.
  • If you explore the technology of espionage with the help of your priests, you can inspect the opposing units.
  • If you use military, you should hire a stronger general in the tavern as soon as possible and assign the soldiers to him.
  • You can take all neutral sectors even without military power. Send either monks or merchants, depending on which path you chose before.

Expert Tip:

A perfect economy in Settler 7 means to count!

In particular, you can optimize food production with counting. An example based on hunter / sausage production:


No food -> Output: 1x meat

Plain food -> Input: 1x bread; Output: 2x meat (external supply)

Fancy food -> Input: 1x sausage; Output: 3x meat (self-supply)


Plain food -> Input: 1x bread; Output: 1x sausage (external supply)

Fancy food -> Input: 1x sausage; Output: 2x sausage (self-supply)

If you calculate all six possible combinations, you will see that the best result is achieved, if hunters and butchers are set to fancy food exactly as we did in our guide:

Hunters and butchers on “fancy food”:

3x meat (out) – 1x sausage (in) => 3x2x sausage (out) – 3x sausage (in) => Every cycle +2 sausages!

Thank you to haep for creating this fantastic guide!

For other production buildings (piggery, windmill, bakers, etc.) the perfect constellation, however, usually looks very different. Therefore, if you have any questions, feel free to contact our The Settlers veterans in the forum or on Discord.

And if you ARE a veteran and want to share some tips or strategies, feel free to leave those in the comment section below, on the forums or over on Discord.

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[TSHC] Changelog 12 December

The Settlers I History Edition

  • Updated German User manual

The Settlers III History Edition

  • Improved online connectivity by optimizing NAT settings
  • Fixed an issue where the sound effect volume slider has no effect
  • Fixed an issue with the “beehive” sound being too loud
  • Fixed an issue where the spell “Repel Arrows” was not working as intended
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash if players started a multiplayer game

The Settlers IV History Edition

  • Implemented Minigame 2 – The Dark Side – in Uplay
    • The game can be started via: Uplay -> The Settlers IV History Edition -> Play
  • Improved online connectivity by optimizing NAT settings
  • Fixed an issue where the router was rebooting when starting the game

The Settlers Heritage of Kings History Edition

  • Improved online connectivity by optimizing NAT settings
  • Fixed an issue where the router was rebooting when starting the game

The Settlers Rise of an Empire History Edition

  • Improved online connectivity by optimizing NAT settings

The Settlers 7 Paths to a Kingdom History Edition

  • Implemented Ubisoft Club functionality
  • Improved online connectivity by optimizing NAT settings
  • Fixed an issue with the match making calculations
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to change the resolution in-game
  • Fixed an issue with the leaderboards showing empty name fields
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[Guide] The Settlers Rise of an Empire – History Edition

If you recently bought the History Collection or are just generally playing with the thought of trying out The Settlers 6 – Rise of an Empire, we got just the right guide for you! Read on to get a brief overview over the game and a few tips to get started.

You will notice several differences to previous games which will require a different approach to creating a prosperous settlement. You will not only need basic building materials like wood and stone but also a regular supply of food for all your settlers, no matter the profession. Your people have various additional needs like clothes, cleaning supplies or entertainment.

Only if these are fulfilled you will be able to unlock new buildings and military units. Roads are important to speed up the delivery of materials and building upgrades increase productivity.

Expansion is done by conquering new sectors of the map – these sectors may also have resources you don’t have in the one you started in. This will mean a big part of the economy will be scattered throughout several sectors and need to be kept safe from enemy raids.

Let’s take a look at some topics in detail.

The Beginning

When starting you always have your store house, church and castle directly connected to the marketplace. The first thing to do is to place two woodcutters to secure sufficient buildings materials and either hunters or fishers for basic food supply. Your workers will deliver the raw products to the store house, but fish and meat will have to be turned into smoked fish and sausages before they can be consumed by the settlers.

Check the map for symbols for each resource to find out what you can produce in your first sector.

With basic food supply taken care of, it’s time to tackle the next of your people’s needs: hygiene. For this you will have to either place a soap maker (who uses the same resource as the butcher) or a broom maker who needs wood. You can of course also place both types of buildings depending on what kind of –and how many – resources are available.

After this you should keep an eye out for stone and iron as well as more building space: time to explore.

Select your hero and send him or her to one of the nearby sectors. As soon as you enter it the map will be revealed and you can see what kind of opportunities the sector offers. If you found what you were looking for, place a tower via the menu in the bottom right corner (while having selected your hero).

Make sure to connect this tower (and generally all buildings) with streets for faster transport.


When you got your basic settlement set up and explored a sector or two for further expansion, it’s time to focus on your heroes. Not only are they a lot stronger than your average soldier, each of them also has a special ability: Elias the trader for example can provide additional food while Alandra can cure sick settlers.

You also need your hero for various interactions in the world itself. Be it to be able to build towers to conquer new sectors, interact with AI players for certain missions or to investigate ruins, mines and similar places on the map.

To unlock more buildings and units you will have to promote your hero which means granting him a new title. For this you will have to click on the button just above the minimap. There you’ll see which requirements the new title has, e.g. a certain amount of settlers, your castle at a specific level and a sufficient amount of a certain good. If you fulfil them you can then click the appropriate button and your hero as well as your settlers are happy.

Since each title gives you access to new buildings and products, it is vital to focus on these requirements right from the start to at least progress fast enough to be able to build walls and recruit soldiers.

Advanced strategies

Not only will new buildings improve your possibilities and production capabilities, one very important gameplay mechanic are building upgrades. These will not only allow an additional worker to move in (and therefore increase your productivity), higher building levels also unlock carts, allowing your settlers to transport their goods faster.

If you combine this with a good road network and upgrade your basic paths to roads later, you make sure all resources reach the city in time for further processing. Be it delicious bread, comfortable clothes or swords for your army.

When building your city and all your production buildings it’s important to keep an eye on the landscape. Make sure you use all available space and place related buildings close to each other. Since you will want to build a wall around your core city later, make sure to choose the right places for it.

And talking about right places: The Settlers – Rise of an Empire features different seasons. In winter you won’t be able to harvest any honey or wheat – and rivers freeze and can be walked on. Make sure to not rely on rivers as border protection too much, depending on the map you’re playing.


Military and reputation

And since we’re already at it: The military.

You can build swordsmen and archers in their respective barracks as well as three different kinds of siege engines. The latter need to be manned with one group of soldiers to work. Keep in mind you may have to first get a new title for your hero to access the respective building.

The higher your city’s reputation (top left corner), the higher your soldiers’ combat power. If it drops too far or one of your main buildings (castle, church, store house) gets destroyed, you lose the game.

To increase your reputation, upgrade your main buildings, offer your settlers different kinds of clothes, food and decorative objects and provide them with special activities like festivals, church sermons and rare commodities like salt or dyes.

Enemy attacks, a lack of food or a high tax have a negative impact on your reputation. Therefore, try to have enough goods in store to satisfy your settlers’ needs and get your hands on some rare goods via trading.

If this is just too much theory for you and you want to practise a bit more, go and play the singleplayer campaign of The Settlers 6 which doubles as a tutorial. There you’ll be slowly introduced to all important game mechanics.

Do you have any tips you might want to share with your fellow players? Or are you new to The Settlers 6 and have questions or need advice? Are you maybe looking for a multiplayer match? Feel free to discuss it in the comments.

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[Guide] The Settlers Heritage of Kings – History Edition

Following the previous guides, today we would like to introduce you to Dario’s world in The Settlers 5.

As you have probably already noticed, there are some fundamental changes in this game compared to the previous The Settler games:

  • The Settlers 5 uses a direct control system for the units, like in a real-time strategy game.
  • The goods cycles are not visible directly in the world. Instead, all goods automatically land in a total stock and can additionally be duplicated by so-called refiners.
  • In The Settlers 5, there is no “real” AI that builds its own houses or cities. Instead, you are dealing with scripted, recurring hordes of enemies. Therefore, on pure multiplayer maps you remain alone in the single player mode.

Your first settlement:

Below is a brief introduction to building your first settlement on a single player map.
To start, click on a serf and give him tasks. On many maps it is first necessary to build your village center.
In order to do this, select the serf, click on the flag in the build menu and then on the existing “site” on the map to build your village center there. You can also assign several serfs to each construction site to speed things up.

Extraction of resources:

After building the village center, you can now start collecting resources.
Your serfs can mine the basic resources such as wood.
Other resources, such as clay and stone, exist on the one hand as simple deposits which your serfs can mine, but also in the form of large stone/clay/… shafts and quarries. On those you can build pits which are extracting resources much faster than your serfs would do.

Now take a handful of serfs and send them to nearby trees as well as stone and clay deposits. You can hire additional serfs in the castle (hand symbol).

Tip: In contrast to most other RTS games, the serfs do not have to bring the resources to the village center. Therefore, it does not matter how far from the center you send them! The same applies to the pits.

The first goods cycle:

The Settlers 5 is based on the construction of many mini-cycles. Every worker needs a residence for sleeping and a farm for eating. Each residence and farm provides enough for several craftsmen.

Therefore, to continue, build a hut and a farm in a free space.

Important notice: The farmer also needs something to eat, of course, and a place to sleep. Thus, in both buildings the farmer already occupies one place from the beginning.

Now build a university next to the residence and the farm. This is the most important building at the beginning, because there you can research all other building options.

After building the university, you can directly research “construction” there. During the research, we take a look at an important info function in the interface:

This information shows the missing places to sleep and eat in your settlement. As you can see, the university already needs more sleeping space than a single hut can offer you.

Nevertheless, you can ignore this at the beginning – the research takes only a little longer. Workers without sleeping quarters spend the night around the campfire and are less efficient.

If you have found a stone quarry and a clay shaft, build one residence and one farm next to each. After that, construct pits on both of. Consider that a farm offers more space for workers than a hut does and keep in mind you can upgrade buildings later on.

The refinement:

The next step is the “processing” of resources. You can refine your wares in The Settlers 5, which simply multiplies them.

Therefore, the construction of a sawmill is especially important – because unlike clay and stone you cannot mine wood with the help of a pit!

Build a sawmill with a residence and a farm nearby close to your castle. The craftsmen working here are the first to get their goods from somewhere else. However, not as perhaps expected from the lumberjacks, but from your total stock. Therefore, the craftsmen take the goods directly from the castle (and later also from warehouses/marketplaces).

As your game progresses, you can research improvements for your fighters at the sawmill too (after it has been upgraded).

  • Principally, you can upgrade all the buildings in the game to unlock additional options or to offer more space.
  • The upgrades will be particularly important for huts and farms later in the game.

Thus, you have now built your first small settlement.

Your heroes:

A very important role in The Settlers 5 take the playable characters. They all have special abilities that can often determine the outcome of a battle.

Dario, for example, can use his falcon to explore the map. After sending the bird, you can turn on a special perspective to see the world from the hawk’s eyes.

In addition, Dario has another ability to scare his enemies and to drive them back for a short time.

A few final tips:

  • You should always focus on the construction of refiners, which are – in addition to the sawmill – the brick maker’s hut, stonemason’s hut and later also the smithy and the alchemist hut.
  • Always build these buildings close to the castle or next to previously built warehouses to keep the walkways short.
  • Opponent hordes will attack you repeatedly until you destroy their camps. Therefore you need a working defense using both towers and soldiers right from the beginning.

Thank you to haep for writing this great guide!

Do you have any more tips to share?  Secret strategies? Or maybe a guide for the singleplayer campaign, be it a video or in written form? Share it in the comments to help the people new to the game!

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[Guide] The Settlers IV History Edition

We have reached the year 2001 and with that the release of The Settlers 4. A mysterious enemy appeared, posing a very special challenge: The Dark Tribe. This enemy did not only threaten your own people, but the whole The Settlers universe.

In order to help you with this challenge we have another guide for you. The tips from the previous blog are still valid since many mechanics will feel familiar for players of The Settlers 3, but we’ve added some new ones and some information about things which are unique to The Settlers 4.

Metal Processing:

Metals play a central role in your settlement’s economy. A good indicator for that is that almost the entire food production industry is geared towards providing for your Miners. Secondly, the tools and weapons produced by your heavy industry are absolutely vital to your settlements success and dependent on the raw materials provided by the Mines.

There are five types of Mines in total, only three of which are directly related to metal processing. These are the Gold, Iron and Coal Mines. The other two Mines produce sulfur, used by the Mayans to produce ammunition, and stone, which is required in the construction industry and which can also be obtained by building Stonecutter’s Huts. Before you ignore the last two resources completely, please remember that goods not required for your settlement can be very useful in trading with outsiders.

The Gold and Iron Mines are where the ores are extracted, which are then processed to obtain the metals themselves. For this you need the coal from the coal mine. The Smelting Works produces metal ingots for your Toolmaker and Weaponsmith. Please keep in mind these buildings also need coal to function.

The gold ingots from the Gold Smelter come into play as a means of payment. You need them for constructing Temples and Eyecatchers as well as for training higher-ranking soldiers.


When you consider just how hard your settlers work for you, we’re sure you’ll agree the least you can do is making sure your settlement is looking as good as possible. If you invest in some of the Eyecatchers you’ll spruce up your settlement and make your settlers feel at home. On top of that, they improve the combat strength of your soldiers.

You might get a shock when you see how expensive Eyecatchers are. Don’t let the cost prevent you from making the investment, though. As your soldiers’ military strength on enemy territory is based on the value of your settlement, and Eyecatchers have an artistic as well as a material value, their worth doubles when calculating the total value of your settlement.

The Military :

You will have to build up a powerful army in the course of the game. This is necessary to protect your settlement from attacks and also because some mission aims are not achievable without using military units.

Your troops are recruited in the Barracks. In order to draft a free-roaming settler into the army, a weapon has to be available in the Barracks. You have two options: supply sufficient raw materials to be able to produce the weapons you need at a particular moment in the game, or have a stockpile ready for future training.

To conquer enemy territory you will need to attack and take over their towers. Civilian buildings cannot be attacked.


There is a lot more to discover in the settlers’ world than just building, manufacturing and strengthening your army. You may not realize it at first, but the settlers are in close contact with the gods, and this opens up a whole range of exciting opportunities.

You would be unwise to ignore the fact that your Priests have magic powers, as these make all sorts of weird and wonderful things possible. To use their powers, the Priests must have a certain amount of manna, an extremely valuable substance bestowed on the settlers by the gods.

That’s not to say that the gods are especially generous with the stuff – it may be no surprise to hear that they expect something in return. If you produce alcohol and offer it up to the gods in a Small Temple, you’ll find that the gods are more willing to supply you with really useful quantities of manna. And once you’ve built a Large Temple to train the Priests, you’ll be ready to work wonders!

Of course, we ask you again. Do you have any tips and tricks for new players? What should they focus on in the beginning? What are the long term goals for a successful economy? Feel free to leave a comment, connect with others and maybe find others for a multiplayer match.

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[TSHC] Changelog 28 November

Hello everyone,

Please find the today’s changelog below:

The Settlers III History Edition

  • Implemented private button for Multiplayer matches
  • Implemented pop-up message if Ubisoft Services are not initialized
  • Fixed an issue where game progress was reset if player change information in the config menu
  • Fixed an issue where the spell: Ch’ih-Yu’s Shield was not working as intended
  • Fixed an issue where the Egyptian Tier 3 Bowman not shooting correctly when facing / shooting to a specific direction
  • Fixed an issue were game crashed
  • Fixed an issue that multiplayer matches pauses when the host tabs out the game

The Settlers IV History Edition

  • Implemented private button for Multiplayer matches
  • Implemented pop-up message if Ubisoft Services are not initialized
  • Fixed an issue where the game was crashing when saving it while playing random maps

The Settlers Heritage of Kings History Edition

  • Implemented private button for Multiplayer matches
  • Implemented pop-up message if Ubisoft Services are not initialized
  • Fixed an issue with multiplayer connectivity

The Settlers Rise of an Empire History Edition

  • Implemented private button for Multiplayer matches
  • Implemented pop-up message if Ubisoft Services are not initialized
  • Fixed an issue with multiplayer connectivity
  • Fixed an issue with desync problems in multiplayer

 The Settlers VII Paths to a Kingdom History Edition

  • Implemented private button for Multiplayer matches
  • Implemented pop-up message if Ubisoft Services are not initialized
  • Fixed an issue with player profiles
  • Improvement stability in multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue with invitations from the lobby

Your The Settlers Team

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[Com] Third Community Update

Welcome to Community Update number 3! This was the big month for the History Editions and a lot of stuff happened, let’s recap and make sure you didn’t miss out on anything.

After that, considering the History Editions are now released and you’re all probably busy playing, we let you know where you can find more maps for the The Settlers games and even provide you with some custom made ones!

And finally we have a cool announcement for you regarding our December event starting soon.

Sounds good? Let’s start.


For your entertainment and to get into the right “The Settlers mood” the community team did a few streams of the History Editions and provided you with handy guides to The Settlers 1 to 3.

And just as a small teaser:

In three days time, on November 30th, Ubi-Barbalatu and Ubi-Thorlof will join Lionking1982 and DerSpenderTV in the evening for a The Settlers multiplayer stream. Tune in for some fun in a relaxed atmosphere, but please note: This stream will be in German only.


Over the last two months we pitted the games of the The Settlers series against each other to find out which game is the community’s favourite. While we know all games of the series have their fans and some are just too different to be compared directly, we still were curious about the results, to see what our community would make of this with the release of the History Collection just around the corner.

Some results we mostly expected, but the semi-finals and then of course the finals were a rather exciting matter.
Now we can announce that The Settlers III won this competition with 201 to 194 votes across all our Facebook pages! That was a close on. Congratulations!


As we already mentioned we have an event announcement for you. From December 1st to December 24th we’re going to ask you some The Settles trivia questions. This will happen over on our three Facebook pages (English, German and French) and each day we will pick a winner for some cool prizes.

The question will be posted at 12PM (CET) and you have till 11:59AM (CET) the following day to comment. After that a winner will be randomly chosen from all participants across all 3 Facebook pages and contacted by our community team.

Sounds good? Sounds exciting? Then make sure to not miss the 1st of December!


The map editor is a beloved tool which was used to create hundreds of new maps for several of The Settlers games. For The Settlers 2, Ubi-Barbalatu already created one special map titled “Thorlof-Troll” which Ubi-Thorlof and Ubi-Guddy then played live on the stream mentioned earlier. You can download it here. Since then we have been busy and created two more The Settlers 2 maps for you, so feel free to download them and try them for yourself:

Name: Fields
Author: Ubi-Barbalatu


Name: Duck of Crystal Lake
Author: Ubi-Thorlof


And if that’s still not enough, check out the two big community map websites Siedler Maps (German and English) and Siedelwood (German only). You’ll find plenty of new and exciting maps there for almost all games of the series.

With the History Editions now released, we’re looking forward to hearing your The Settlers stories. We’re sure you have plenty of new ones to share.

Also, be prepared for two new blogs about the new The Settlers now in December after “History Edition November” is over.

And if you got an amazing community project you want to introduce to us, are working on magical The Settlers videos or creating some really cool new maps for any of the The Settlers games then mail us at and we’ll feature you in our next blog.

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