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Military Academy – The diploma is made of steel

When we reach Town-Level, construction of the Military Academy becomes possible. This is the place to go for all settlers eager to go to battle using a Hammer or a Lance and it can be upgraded once.

At Town-Level we can recruit Guards with a Lance and a Mail Hauberk, strong defenders which taunt enemies before they reach your fortifications, and Smashers attackers in Leather Armor which use their hammers to shatter fortifications.

City-Level enables recruitment of their most advanced versions, the Defender and the Demolisher, both wearing a thick Plate Cuirass.

As before, the upgraded building also provides additional training’s slots.

This is the last recruitment building in The Settlers. Units can now either be used defensively by e.g. assigning them to a specific Keep, Castle or Fortress. Or we can form them into an army via a Garrison.

With their individual specializations they’re fit for different tasks, making mixed armies versatile and able to cope with different situations.

Please note: Everything described and shown is not final. Graphics and features subject to change.

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Weapon Smithy – A good offence is the best defence

Sooner or later our prospering realm will face envious rivals and we will have to defend ourselves to protect our settlers. Good thing we now have all the ingredients ready to create strong weapons. We only need to build the mighty Weapon Smithy!

Here our expert Weapon Smiths use iron and steel bars to provide our soldiers with more advanced weapons than the Weapon Workshop can produce.

The Weapon Smithy requires the Townhall to be built (Village-Level) and can be upgrades once.

At Village-Level () 2 workers are busy forging Swords and Axes.

After upgrading it to Town-Level (), a third smith joins and the production of Lances and Hammers is unlocked.

These weapons are then transported to the Military School or the Military Academy where we can recruit new soldiers. Some of the more advanced units additionally require an armor for recruitment. More on that in a future article.

Please note: Everything described and shown is not final. Graphics and features subject to change.