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Leader Spotlight: Ephraim – Climbing is his passion

Name: Ephraim

Hometown: Unknown

Occupation: Military Leader

Age: The only thing I count are my victories

Favorite weapon: Axes!

Hobbies: Free-climbing, axe-throwing, telling tales

Not much is known about Ephraim’s family except that he was of noble birth. Upon finishing his military training, he gained fame by attending and winning most of the regional axe-throwing tournaments. There were not many of those, but Ephraim avoided being specific while he was telling his glorious, self-promoting tales.

He decided to join the Duke when they were forced to leave their homeland, shortly after being inspired by his love interest, who in truth, was not his love interest, but again, his tales were of his own. All in all, Ephraim was considered to be a true leader of troops, and no enemy or walls were able to ever stop his advance.

Hello Ephraim, thank you for sitting down with Voice of Tavos today to answer some questions from your fans.

The most pressing first: What inspired you to join the army instead of, for example, seeking a political career, given you’re of noble birth?

Ephraim: From my childhood on I had a talent for weapons – in fact, I won the axe competitions back in school 3 years in a row – and so the mayor of my city personally recommended me to the leader of the closest garrison. I could hardly say no at this point.

VoT: This path has now made you into one of our most famous Military Leaders. What are you saying regarding the rumours you only got so far due to your cousinship with Lord Minster, the Duke’s advisor?

E: I gladly retell the story which I told to my brave comrades just 2 days ago, when curious voices asked for advice on how to advance their career as fast as I did. But to make it short, as I still have exercises to do later: passion and dedication! I did not win all the axe throwing tournaments back home by sheer luck, but only cause of the skills I acquired through hard training. It’s what I tell my soldiers every day: Train hard and focus on your goals and you might make it as far as I did.

VoT: Going back to your reasons for joining the Duke initially, we heard there’s a love story at the bottom of it?

E: Ah, yes, one of my inspirations for joining the Duke was indeed a fair lady whose name I don’t want to mention here to protect her privacy. As if I hadn’t given her my heart already, her request to protect her on this voyage was all that was needed to convince me.

VoT: Finally, we heard your tales about winning axe-throwing tournaments and your preference for this type of weapon over swords. But how did you discover your love for free climbing and decided to combine these two hobbies for your military tactics?

E: This is an interesting story, actually, because it happened during my times in the Military School. I was doing extra training after the morning exercise but took my equipment with me – this little bit of extra weight would not bother me, I thought. So in the nearby mountains I started climbing and came across an especially dangerous cliff. And while I don’t like to brag, the idea to use my axes proved highly efficient and I scaled that cliff in no-time. Convincing my superiors after that was only a small step for myself but a huge step for our military tactics – with the new possibilities in siege warfare now open to us.

Thank you very much for the interview, Ephraim. We’re glad to have you around during these hard times!

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Armor Smithy – A good defence is the best offence

Most people prefer some form of protection when going into combat. Our settlers, surprisingly, are no exception. Therefore, the construction of an Armor Smithy makes a lot of sense.

For such advanced forging techniques, our settlement has to be at Town Level ().

At this level, the Armor Smithy has 3 workers, able to produce Mail Hauberks.

After upgrading the Armor Smithy to City Level (), another worker will join and we can create the massive Plate Cuirasses which require valuable steel.

With these shiny new armor pieces we can recruit Knights, Paladins, Guards and Defenders – expensive but extremely capable military units – at least as long as we also produce their preferred weapons.

Please note: Everything described and shown is not final. Graphics and features subject to change.


Weapon Smithy – A good offence is the best defence

Sooner or later our prospering realm will face envious rivals and we will have to defend ourselves to protect our settlers. Good thing we now have all the ingredients ready to create strong weapons. We only need to build the mighty Weapon Smithy!

Here our expert Weapon Smiths use iron and steel bars to provide our soldiers with more advanced weapons than the Weapon Workshop can produce.

The Weapon Smithy requires the Townhall to be built (Village-Level) and can be upgrades once.

At Village-Level () 2 workers are busy forging Swords and Axes.

After upgrading it to Town-Level (), a third smith joins and the production of Lances and Hammers is unlocked.

These weapons are then transported to the Military School or the Military Academy where we can recruit new soldiers. Some of the more advanced units additionally require an armor for recruitment. More on that in a future article.

Please note: Everything described and shown is not final. Graphics and features subject to change.


The place where coal and ore meet – the Smelting Works

It’s time to start using the resources we gathered from the mines, especially our soldiers will appreciate that: Let’s build a Smelting Works.

The Smelting Works uses Coal and Ore to produce Iron and Steel. Both are primarily used by our weapons industry to produce swords, axes and armor. However, other industries like for example our Toolmaker also requires iron and steel later on to produce the advanced tools required on Town and City Level.

The Smelting Works requires our settlement to be at Village Level () and can be upgraded once.

At Village Level (), 2 workers use 1 Coal and 1 Ore to produce Iron Bars .

At Town Level (), another smelter joins the duo. Furthermore, the workers can now also create Steel Bars using 1 Coal and 2 Ore .

The Smelting Works is essential if we want to expand our military influence or progress to better and more advanced buildings in our settlement. With limitations through available resources and transport capacity, we need to find the right balance as to where to invest them: As multiple units of resources are delivered to the Smelting Works to create one unit of iron or steel, it often makes sense to place the building close to the mining areas to reduce pressure on your transport capacities. However, if the deposits are scattered or small, a more central location for this part of our industry might be beneficial over time.


We are back 2020

We hope you all had a good start into the New Year!

The team for The Settlers is back in the office after a well-deserved holiday and rest. Now we’re all excited to kick off 2020, the road to the release.

This year we’ll have several topics many of you have been asking for in the past:

    • We will go into detail about the military, from weapon production over recruitment to warfare.
    • War is not always the best solution though, so the third winning strategy in The Settlers – Path of Faith – will also be introduced.
    • Last but not least, we give you all information around the multiplayer, skirmish mode and also a small sneak peek into the campaign.

In addition, we got several other important topics to cover and exciting news to share. For example, we’re planning more playtests and last week we had a Free Weekend for The Settlers 3 History Edition, which allowed everyone to try this community favorite for free. More to come, stay tuned!

Thank you again for all your support, we’re very excited to show you more of the game this year and hear your thoughts about it. Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you would like to see and learn more about.


[Military] [Building] Training Ground

Ah, the Training Ground – that’s the place where we recruit our various military units. Those include our pioneers’ units with cudgels but of course also advanced ranged units like longbowmen and arbalesters. In total there are 4 different Tiers, each unlocking more advanced units. Let’s take a look at them:

At Hamlet-Level we can recruit our very first military units: Pioneers and Bowmen.

Village-Level 2 unlocks recruitment of Spearmen and Crossbowmen.

Town-Level adds Longbowmen.

And with City-Level the mighty Arbalesters can be trained.

In the early game, we need a Weapon Workshop to produce cudgel, bows etc. For the advanced units an additional production building is required (for example the Tannery for leather armor). Ideally, we have these buildings nearby to minimize transportation time – but we should not build the Training Grounds too far from the frontline either.

Soldiers are used for expansion, defense and of course attacks on hostile settlement. Units requiring iron weapons and armor are trained in different buildings – we’ll take a look at those in a future blog.

Rushing or rather waiting for an army of advanced units? Quantity or quality? What’s your preferred strategy? Or are you more of a peace-loving players who only recruits soldiers to expand your territory? Let us know and discuss in the comments!

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[Military] [Building] Weapon Workshop

Our blogs focused quite a lot on peaceful topics: food, transport, population, economy… In this building blog we’re looking at the very first military-related building we can construct: The Weapon Workshop. This early game building requires hardwood logs to manufacture simple weapons like cudgel and bows. It can be upgraded once:

At Hamlet-Level, a single Woodworker produces Cudgel and Bows.

Village-Level allows for two more weapon types: Crossbows and Spears. A second worker joins to help with the additional work.

For the early game period, these will be our weapons of choice for our soldiers. Those units are used for expansion, defense and possibly our first offensives, too, if we have recruited a leader already. All of these early weapons have their advantages and disadvantages, so we might want to mix different unit types to be prepared for all eventualities. While these weapons are cheap to produce, we want to look out for iron deposits to produce higher-quality weapons and armor later on.

Do cudgel and bows sound boring to you and you rather want to get to iron swords and axes as quickly as possible? Or are you fine with producing lower-level weapons for a while, be it for rushing or cause you’re not the military guy anyway? Discuss it in the comments!


[Stream] First The Settlers livestream – September 13

Following our gamescom presence and the fantastic feedback we received be it during the convention or through your comments online, we thought it’s time for our very first The Settlers live stream.

This way, everyone who wasn’t able to visit us in the Ubisoft Lounge at gamescom, will be able to get a great first look at the game and watch it in action.

We will start building our very own settlement and answer your questions about what we’re showing or just simply the The Settlers in general.

Tune in on September 13 at 6pm (UK) over on Twitch and join us for a relaxed hour of The Settlers!


[Dev] Territory Expansion

We have built and expanded great settlements with a flourishing and lively economy. However, we’ve never talked about how we expanded our territory. In this week’s blog post we talk about just that.

In previous the “The Settlers” game we usually had to build barracks, guard towers or other military buildings, wait for a soldier to occupy it and our territory was automatically expand.

In the new The Settlers the players have more choices in territory expansion and it is visualized in more details too.

Whenever we see our frontier, marked by the border stones, we know we cannot build past that. Everything behind it is unknown, unexplored and might be dangerous.

In order to expand our territory we need to build a keep, castle or fortress. The keep is the most basic military building helping us to expand and secure the area.

Once the construction is completed, our military units will make their way to the building. If this is our first keep, our military units will move from the shoreline to the building. If we already have another keep in our settlement they will split their forces depending on the keep settings, which we can define.

Once they reach the keep they will start claiming any neutral territory nearby. Step by step by moving the border stones manually.

If we want to expand in a specific direction we can easily do this. We simply click on the keep and set a focus point. Our units will then favor the direction we choose and expand accordingly. However, each keep has an “area of influence”. This is the maximum distance they will go and expand. The same goes for castle and fortresses.

Once our units have expanded to our defined direction, they will not rest until the other areas of influence has been claimed.

In order to speed things up we can assign more units to specific keeps, castles or fortresses. Each type has an individual unit limit. The more units we have assigned, the faster we will claim the land around the keep.

In a future dev blog we will dive deeper into other military buildings, various units and different defensive options available in the game. Stay tuned.

What do you think about territory expansion? Do you like the concept of it? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


[Guide] The Settlers IV History Edition

We have reached the year 2001 and with that the release of The Settlers 4. A mysterious enemy appeared, posing a very special challenge: The Dark Tribe. This enemy did not only threaten your own people, but the whole The Settlers universe.

In order to help you with this challenge we have another guide for you. The tips from the previous blog are still valid since many mechanics will feel familiar for players of The Settlers 3, but we’ve added some new ones and some information about things which are unique to The Settlers 4.

Metal Processing:

Metals play a central role in your settlement’s economy. A good indicator for that is that almost the entire food production industry is geared towards providing for your Miners. Secondly, the tools and weapons produced by your heavy industry are absolutely vital to your settlements success and dependent on the raw materials provided by the Mines.

There are five types of Mines in total, only three of which are directly related to metal processing. These are the Gold, Iron and Coal Mines. The other two Mines produce sulfur, used by the Mayans to produce ammunition, and stone, which is required in the construction industry and which can also be obtained by building Stonecutter’s Huts. Before you ignore the last two resources completely, please remember that goods not required for your settlement can be very useful in trading with outsiders.

The Gold and Iron Mines are where the ores are extracted, which are then processed to obtain the metals themselves. For this you need the coal from the coal mine. The Smelting Works produces metal ingots for your Toolmaker and Weaponsmith. Please keep in mind these buildings also need coal to function.

The gold ingots from the Gold Smelter come into play as a means of payment. You need them for constructing Temples and Eyecatchers as well as for training higher-ranking soldiers.


When you consider just how hard your settlers work for you, we’re sure you’ll agree the least you can do is making sure your settlement is looking as good as possible. If you invest in some of the Eyecatchers you’ll spruce up your settlement and make your settlers feel at home. On top of that, they improve the combat strength of your soldiers.

You might get a shock when you see how expensive Eyecatchers are. Don’t let the cost prevent you from making the investment, though. As your soldiers’ military strength on enemy territory is based on the value of your settlement, and Eyecatchers have an artistic as well as a material value, their worth doubles when calculating the total value of your settlement.

The Military :

You will have to build up a powerful army in the course of the game. This is necessary to protect your settlement from attacks and also because some mission aims are not achievable without using military units.

Your troops are recruited in the Barracks. In order to draft a free-roaming settler into the army, a weapon has to be available in the Barracks. You have two options: supply sufficient raw materials to be able to produce the weapons you need at a particular moment in the game, or have a stockpile ready for future training.

To conquer enemy territory you will need to attack and take over their towers. Civilian buildings cannot be attacked.


There is a lot more to discover in the settlers’ world than just building, manufacturing and strengthening your army. You may not realize it at first, but the settlers are in close contact with the gods, and this opens up a whole range of exciting opportunities.

You would be unwise to ignore the fact that your Priests have magic powers, as these make all sorts of weird and wonderful things possible. To use their powers, the Priests must have a certain amount of manna, an extremely valuable substance bestowed on the settlers by the gods.

That’s not to say that the gods are especially generous with the stuff – it may be no surprise to hear that they expect something in return. If you produce alcohol and offer it up to the gods in a Small Temple, you’ll find that the gods are more willing to supply you with really useful quantities of manna. And once you’ve built a Large Temple to train the Priests, you’ll be ready to work wonders!

Of course, we ask you again. Do you have any tips and tricks for new players? What should they focus on in the beginning? What are the long term goals for a successful economy? Feel free to leave a comment, connect with others and maybe find others for a multiplayer match.

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