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[Building] Coachmaker – Improve your traffic situation

Our Carriers are busy people and absolutely doing their best to transport all the goods to the necessary buildings. Even more reason to help them out a bit and create some carts for them to make their life easier – and increase our transport capacity at the same time. For this, we need a Coachmaker.

While the smallest cart is a simple Pull Cart, more advanced carts need an animal to pull it, but they can also carry a lot more resources at once.  However, carts are no off-road vehicles and require a road of sorts to function.

The Coachmaker can be built on Village-Level () and can be upgraded twice.

At Village-Level () the basic Pull Cart can be constructed using hardwood and wooden wheels and carries 2 resources – a basic Dirt Road is required.

At Town-Level () we unlock the Donkey Cart which accordingly needs a donkey from the Ranch in addition to iron-rimmed wheels. Donkey carts can only use Gravel Roads but carry 5 resources at once.

Finally, at City Level () we can construct the Ox Cart. Ox Carts require Paved Roads and carry up to 8 resources. Same as the donkey, the ox needs to be bred at the Ranch. We also need steel-rimmed wheels to construct the cart.

We don’t have to upgrade our whole road network at once, but can focus on the busiest roads first where the usage of carts has the most impact: new outposts under construction, sectors with a lot of production chains etc. You can also use different roads in combination with carts to direct traffic, having alternative routs often helps with a busy economy.