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[FAQ] You asked – We answer – Part 1

After our announcement, we received countless questions and we wanted to take the opportunity to answer those in our category “You asked – We answer”. It does not matter if you asked them in the Ubisoft Lounge or posted them on our Ubisoft forums, on Facebook or here on The Settlers Alliance website: our team was out there to grab them. We asked Volker Wertich, Creative Director, to sit down with us and answer the most pressing questions from our community.

Please keep in mind, for the first FAQs we will not display any names because we have received those questions from multiple users. For future questions, you will see your name up there. 🙂

Q: Economy was always very important for me. I always wanted to maximize it. Can I build roads and use vehicles to have an efficient economy?

We will offer multiple road types and multiple vehicle types in the new Settlers. While a pull-cart is fine with a broad path, a donkey cart needs at least a gravel road. Vehicles cannot only load multiple goods, which means you need less carriers for your transport network. They also increase the “throughput” of a road since they allow more goods for the room need on the road. This helps to avoid traffic jams. In our current pre-Alpha version we get already insane traffic jams if you don’t take care of your infrastructure 😎

Q: Will the game have a single player campaign?

Yes, there will be a single player campaign, but we do not reveal details about it yet. I can grant a rough overview though: The continent of the Settlers suffered a cataclysm, and the player will lead a ship with his tribe to uncharted territory and discover an unexplored and mysterious island group.

Q: Can you talk more about the different victory methods?

There are two important things to mention first:

1. The paths to victory are deeply connected to all other game systems, not a separate score ticking up. The player will see every detail and they all affect the ownership of territory, settlers, buildings and goods.

2. The paths to victory are combinable with each other; the player may choose a mix of them as his strategy or focus on one only. Which one makes sense depends on the map layout, available resources, as well as on the enemies and their strengths and weaknesses.

As many are roughly familiar what military victory means in a Settlers game, I will describe one of the other options in more detail: The path of Honor.

The player can build one or multiple training pits and assign an arena fighter to it, who can be trained in different skills to get better. The training may benefit of different goods like specific food or weapons produced in other production chains.

While training the fighter(s), the player can build up an arena itself, which is a quite an expensive building that needs different materials, but it exists in different sizes for different amounts of spectators too. The location to choose for an arena is also important, as it influences travel times of spectators and which areas of your city will benefit or suffer most of the events.

To finally challenge an enemy, you choose a location in enemy territory and the arena will send out a herald to that spot to announce a tournament, while another herald announces the tournament at the arena in your own city. An arena fighter of the enemy and many civilian spectators of both sides will travel to the arena, which of course already has a serious impact on the economy for both players… you better have some reserves who take their spots until those people return.

Finally, the arena fighters execute their duel, and depending on their skills and training status we hopefully win… while the spectators cheer for their hero and the result will cause them to be confident… or they distrust their leaders.

Those spectators will return home to the area where they came from, and those who distrust will protest and they may incite a revolt, which can be countered by different measures, but that is maybe too much detail for now.

However, if the revolt happens, those settlers will change the ownership of a keep or castle (quite similar to territory buildings in early settlers games) and they will take their buildings and goods with them. After the revolt, they continue to work… but now they work for their new leader.

It is very important for us that those new victory methods are connected to many other game systems to ensure additional depth and interesting choices.

We will share more information in a detailed blog post at a later stage.

Q: Can you share first details about the camera? Will I be able to zoom in and out and have full control over my camera?

The player can zoom in very close and enjoy the settlers work procedures and emotions as detailed as never before. The zoom out is limited to a distance where it is still possible to identify goods, as the map is better suited if the player wants even more overview. The player can also rotate the camera to any angle to ensure that any perspective is possible. We currently experiment to add “flick” scrolling to ensure short mouse distances allow fast camera movement, just feels better than pure panning if you ask me.

Q: I never liked districts in The Settlers 7 – How does it work in the new game?

We do not want a pre-defined map segmentation in our new game, everything should be dynamic. There is some kind of “invisible district” ruleset which exists since Settlers 1, as territory buildings secure and claim territory around them. We will have something very similar to that in the new Settlers game. But as mentioned it is a very dynamic system, as e.g. territory now is also extended step by step by military units.

We hope this answer the most pressing questions. Of course, we could have added tons more, but we want to share more information at a later stage and we want to have more Q&A sessions like this. We think that they are super fun and informative.

Keep those questions coming by using the comment function down below.