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[FAQ] You asked – We answer – Part 2

After releasing the first “You asked – We answer”, we have more for you. Please keep in mind that we cannot yet answer all your questions as we are very early in the development and we want to reveal some content later. Some of it even in very detailed, dedicated blog posts. But enough with the words, lets head on to the questions.

Q: Are you planning beta tests and if yes: When?

We know that everyone is very eager to play and test the new The Settlers game. We will have beta tests and core playtests to test and check specific features in our game. As we are still working on the Alpha version, we do not have a date for upcoming tests yet. Make sure to check out The Settlers Alliance website to get the latest information.

Q: Houses have a different function than in previous The Settlers titles. What changed?

The standard houses are now the core of the food supply chain. The residents will go and buy food ingredients of marketplaces or food production buildings, return home, prepare meals, and then deliver it to all the hungry craftsmen out there (any craftsman will need to eat now, not only miners). There is much more lovely details, like different types of houses with more advanced citizens and different meal recipes. Of course, the player chooses all locations for houses, market stalls, etc. himself, and since the distances and connections between these buildings are important, it has a major influence on the city layout.

Q: Will you offer a game mode for patient players allowing to play for hours on big maps? Or a sandbox mode without the need to win?

Yes, we will offer very flexible options how to play the new Settlers game. We do not yet reveal details about the maps and game modes as of yet, but I can say there will be a large variety of different map types and sizes. When I play our current medium sized main test map, sometimes I just continue for fun after defeating the enemy troops. If I want to mine, harvest and populate everything with multiple thousand settlers on the map, it takes me more than 7 hours to do so.

Q: Will there be heroes with their own character in the game like in Settlers 5+6?

There will be no RPG-hero-action-mode if anyone is scared about that… We will have different important characters like generals (military leaders), arena fighters and more which are important for the different winning methods. E.g. generals lead armies and have one special ability the player can activate during combat. While playing, the player will find new, different and potentially better characters over time which he can take along.

Q: Will there be a technology/research system like e.g. in Settlers 5 or 7?

No, this will be different. The player can advance from outpost to village, town and city status on a map. While in outpost status, the buildings are mostly made of raw tree trunks, but all different areas like food, building materials, military recruitment, craftsmen training, etc. exist already. Wooden boards created in sawmills are needed to upgrade or build new village buildings, and more advanced materials will be necessary for buildings of town and city status. Of course, the player does not have to advance to the highest status in every map, it is his choice to define his strategy depending on what makes most sense considering the challenges he faces.

Q: Will it be possible to save in multiplayer games?

Yes, of course.

This was the second FAQ round and there will be many more in the future. Big thanks to Volker for answering those questions. We are already working on the future blog posts. It is time to jump into the game and have a look at some game mechanics and the world of The Settlers.

As always, if you have questions, feedback, suggestions or if you simply want to share your favorite The Settlers moment, feel free to use the comment section below. We can’t wait to read it and share it with our team and other community members.