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[Building] Market Stalls

Since we focused on the Residences in the last blog, let us now look at the Market Stalls where our residents get all the ingredients for their tasty dishes.

There are several different Market Stalls, each for multiple different goods of a category, and in contrast to other buildings, they cannot be upgraded. Each of them is manned by a trader, who takes care of offering the ingredients to residents, while carriers take care of supplying the market stall with goods from the various production buildings.

In total there are 6 different market stalls:

The Forager’s Stall which is for Berries, Herbs & Mushrooms
The Fishmonger’s distributes all the different fish
The Wild Game Stall focuses on meat from the Hunter.
While the Butcher’s Stall is responsible for meat from the animal farms
The Baker’s Stall distributes Bread from the bakery as well as eggs from the animal farm
And at the Grocery our residents can get Corn & Vegetables from the farm

We don’t need to always build all Market Stalls in each settlement since we usually won’t have all food production buildings in the same area.

While fish is a good food source for our settlement near the sea or a lake, our other settlements further inland probably better focus on different ingredients and different recipes. This directly plays into the whole transportation topic because, as you might imagine, the best place to construct Market Stalls is close to residences to reduce transport times. Building multiple different market stalls close to each other also helps the residents to buy different ingredients at one place… and suddenly you have marketplaces using your preferred placement layouts in central key locations.