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The place where coal and ore meet – the Smelting Works

It’s time to start using the resources we gathered from the mines, especially our soldiers will appreciate that: Let’s build a Smelting Works.

The Smelting Works uses Coal and Ore to produce Iron and Steel. Both are primarily used by our weapons industry to produce swords, axes and armor. However, other industries like for example our Toolmaker also requires iron and steel later on to produce the advanced tools required on Town and City Level.

The Smelting Works requires our settlement to be at Village Level () and can be upgraded once.

At Village Level (), 2 workers use 1 Coal and 1 Ore to produce Iron Bars .

At Town Level (), another smelter joins the duo. Furthermore, the workers can now also create Steel Bars using 1 Coal and 2 Ore .

The Smelting Works is essential if we want to expand our military influence or progress to better and more advanced buildings in our settlement. With limitations through available resources and transport capacity, we need to find the right balance as to where to invest them: As multiple units of resources are delivered to the Smelting Works to create one unit of iron or steel, it often makes sense to place the building close to the mining areas to reduce pressure on your transport capacities. However, if the deposits are scattered or small, a more central location for this part of our industry might be beneficial over time.


  1. Chadders


    Looks great.

    I notice the ground tiling appears around a building at town level. Can this tiling be applied to your settlement with a brush tool of some kind? Are there different ground tiling options?

    The reason I ask is that one annoyance I had with the game Tropico, when it came to making your settlement look good, was that the tiling around a building was set and there was no tool to add it in around your settlement. So what happened was you’d get these strips of grass between buildings unless they were placed close enough together, which wasn’t always possible.

    Take inspiration from your sister game Anno 1800 when it comes to beautifying your settlement and making it unique with each play through. Excellent game btw.

    Really looking forward to this. It’s in my top three games to buy this year. It’s just a bit desolate out there at the moment when it comes to strategy games so I hope you have a planned release date soon! Even a release window perhaps?

    The Settlers, Humankind and AoE 4 I’m most looking forward to so you can see what kind of game genre I love.


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