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The Settlers are bustling again during GamesCom 2018

Are you going to GamesCom 2018? We may have the perfect thing for you. From Tuesday to Saturday, you will have the unique chance to see the new The Settlers as a world premiere in the Ubisoft Lounge.

It is tremendously important to us to give you a first glimpse and to get in touch with you.
Our Community Developer Dominique, some may know him as Ubi-Barbalatu, will be available in the Ubisoft Lounge at the Ubisoft Booth (hall 6.1, booth B20) to present the game to you and answer some of your most urgent questions.


Please remember, seats in the Ubisoft Lounge are limited.

What will we show?
The presentation is a hands-off demo. In other words, we will presenting the game to you while addressing some of the key innovations. If it is already possible, we will be available for a short Q&A.

What are you waiting for? Set your watches and come to the Ubisoft Lounge. The Settlers are bustling again.


  1. TheRuler44

    Will there be an Alpha testing program. I would love to test out and provide feedback. Just started to play Settlers 7 again. One thing I would love to see is a jobcentric name for npc, likes or dislikes, his thoughts, etc

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  2. James_miles

    Firstly I’m super excited for this, I just hope it materialises and isn’t scraped again.
    I really enjoyed having islands to explore and settle on, so please have ships again!
    I enjoy being able to plant trees and fell them so keep this!
    I liked being able to chose a tribe who had different material requirements.
    I like the animal farming for food.
    I like geologists to source more ore when the mine is depleted.
    I would like to see a research facility to upgrade weaponry and research better soldiers and fighting techniques.
    And maybe introduce a feature where we can design our own maps and play against the computer or online against people.

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