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Horus’ Acts of Divine Intervention

Bowmen to Bordermen:

Enemy bowmen can quickly inflict great losses to your military. Horus is pleased to help you by transforming the enemy bowmen into pioneers.

Banish Enemy:

For your priests this may be a kamikaze mission but possibly the salvation of your army in its hour of need. All enemy soldiers who are in the vicinity of this act of divine intervention are magically transported away on Horus’ wings to the place you’ve chosen.

Strengthen Soldiers:

Horus is the sun, and the sun shines everywhere. Because your god is ever present, even on the most distant battlefield, your priests can double the fighting strength of your soldiers for a short period. Their attacks are then twice as destructive.

Gifts from Heaven:

Horus also knows how to shower his loyal and generous Settlers with gifts. Whatever seems to be needed, falls into the Egyptians’ laps.

Forest Fire:

If you think your Asian opponents have just a little too much wood, then you might implore Horus for some help. This act of divine intervention is especially effective in thickly wooded areas where the fire can spread easily. If your opponent isn’t able to erect a fire wall, he might experience some nasty shortages of building material.

Fish to Meat:

Horus and Ch’ih-Yu have a deal where Horus gets the meat left from Ch’ih-Yu’s banquets in return for fish. What Ch’ih-Yu does with the fish, Horus doesn’t know or care. Horus gives the meat to his Settlers so that they can feed their iron workers.

Siphon Swamp:

Horus uses a similar technique to convert swamp into fertile grassland. It would be a shame to waste this one on your opponents unless, of course, you want to sabotage the rice harvest of your Asian opponent.

Horus’ Heat:

Horus, the Egyptian sun god, will naturally have no problems turning fertile grassland into desert. This act of divine intervention is most effective right before your opponent (non-Egyptian) reaps an ample harvest.