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Q’nqüra’s Acts of Divine Intervention

Cursed Arrows:

With this miracle, your priestesses can ward off any injury to your troops from enemy bowmen for a certain amount of time.

Freeze Enemy:

For a certain amount of time enemy soldiers are frozen. In this condition they aren’t able to defend themselves when they are attacked. Don’t feel guilty about using this one. Your enemy wouldn’t, would he?

Gold to Stone:

This miracle causes gold to be converted into stone. This would be a high price to pay for building materials but has a great deal of merit for horrifying your foes.

Heavenly Gifts:

An assortment of gifts rain down upon you from the heavens. Your reward is always a little different, but you can be sure it will be beneficial.

Send Goods:

Your priestess can just as easily have goods in her vicinity transported off to whatever location you want.

Call Goods:

Your priestess can have goods from distant areas brought to her vicinity.

Forest Favor:

This wonder conjures up a forest of saplings. This can be a blessing for wood production or a curse for the enemy Egyptians, who will lose valuable building space and can’t make so much use of wood.

Reveal Map:

For a short period you can see the entire map. This miracle is especially practical for making most effective use of your soldiers and thieves.