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[TSHC] Changelog 27 February

The Settlers IV History Edition

  • Fixed some causes for Fatal Error to happen and the game to crash. (We are still working on improving and fixing other various issues related to this topic.)
  • Fixed an issue where the “Maya music” would not start after a fight / combat situation

The Settlers Heritage of Kings History Edition

  • Fixed several localization issues in German language
  • Fixed an issue where a farmer spawned at the village center to work as a barkeeper. It will now spawn the appropriate unit

The Settlers VII Paths to a Kingdom History Edition

  • Added missing Club Rewards localization for several languages
  • Fixed an issue where the game would de-synchronize when creating a multiplayer game with “co-op mode” applied
  • Fixed an issue where the window “Achievement unlocked” would pop up several times
  • Fixed an issue that the lobby was not updated correctly when adding AI


  1. ETan

    how can ı buy this collection or download for windows 10?

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