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[TSHC] Lobby Test Announcement

Hello everyone,

it’s about time for another small community update.

As you’ve seen, we started the year with a lot more info about the new The Settlers like the upgrade mechanics and territory expansion – something a lot of you have been asking about in the last months – but today we got a special announcement for you.

For the History Editions we released some patches over the last weeks addressing various issues – and we’ll continue releasing patches over the coming weeks. Also included in this week’s patch is something many of you have been asking for for a long time: multiplayer lobbies!

Our team has been busy setting things up behind the scenes but before we push this feature live for everyone, we want to make sure it’s running smoothly. For this, we ask for your help and the experience of the multiplayer community:

If you want to test the multiplayer lobbies for any remaining bugs or issues, you can now unlock a test-version of the game in Uplay by following these steps:

  1. Choose the game from your library and click on “properties”
  2. In the category “game version” click on “unlock a test version” and enter this code:
    1. The Settlers 3 History Edition: “TheSettlers3LobbyTest”
    2. The Settlers 4 History Edition: “TheSettlers4LobbyTest”
  3. You will now be able to select “Lobby Test” as alternative version – this one is connected to the lobby server.
  4. Once the test version files are downloaded, please restart Uplay PC to ensure all files are updated correctly

Of course, you can switch back to the live version anytime, but make sure to restart Uplay PC again.

We’re looking forward to your feedback on this topic!


  1. khellstrom

    I mean. How can I get hold of The settlers? 😉

  2. khellstrom

    How do I get hold of this game? Can’t find it in uplay.

  3. donatus17

    i checked it once with my friend for settlers 4 works good

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