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Voice of Tavos – Now with some puzzles

Hear ye, hear ye – there’s news in town!

Voice of Tavos has all the latest news for you! Did you find some Ore or Coal? Want to help with the construction of our new Silver Mines in the North? We have just the guide for you.

And if you fancy joining our brave soldiers as a Swordsman or Guard, stay tuned for our article series on the military.

This new edition of Voice of Tavos also includes two puzzles – as every serious news outlet has.

Do you have questions? Ask the editors or our team in the comments below and we’ll try to find the answer for you.

On March 12th we released episode two of our Meet the Team video series. As Senior Lead Environment Artist, Casper and his team are responsible for aligning art and game design.

With the food and animal system covered, it was time to get dirty:

Over the last few weeks we published details about the mines in The Settlers.

The Coal and Ore Mine are the backbone of our weapons industry, while the Silver and Gold Mine help us to not only motivate our soldiers but also attract new settlers.

An important figure when talking about mines of course is the Geologist. This time they even get their own hut, to take a break after searching for underground deposits.

Finally, we started April with a community vote: The Residence needed a renaming to better reflect its function in the game. The results were very clear: Cookhouse ended up being your favorite and will be the new (English) name for the building formerly known as “Residence”.

So, what can you expect in the coming weeks?

Well, we will start off with the Smelting Works introduction next week which provides the basis for the next big topic on the The Settlers Alliance: The military!

We will go over the different buildings producing military equipment, our soldiers’ training facilities, the fortifications, military leaders and more. There’s lots to cover, so stay tuned!

To prevent your brains from rusting and help you pass the time, this Voice of Tavos includes two puzzles for you!

In the below word puzzle we hid 21 terms from The Settlers – can you find them all?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
1 B T E K R A M N S U G M T R C O L T R F
2 G Q F V E T L X B L M I U O E H E O D I
3 A U E V K V U M O E I D A E W E G Y N S
4 R A Y Y A W I R L A O C B H S N N K D H
5 R R R L M D Y V Y O H I V H E S H O I E
6 I R E D L I U B W M W O R K E R O A I R
7 S Y N A O A S T A M I N A M N R W L L P
8 O F N T O Y F K E S U O H D L I U G O L
9 N D A M T O E G A T H E R E R N V A P C
10 S I T Z S R S L A M I N A H A M L E T A
Softwood Worker Builder Pioneer Gatherer
Townhall Fisher Market Hamlet Stamina
Animals Coal Coachmaker Garrison Midlands
Glory Colosseum Guildhouse Toolmaker Quarry

Oh dear, someone mixed up the dates and dressed for casual Friday on a Thursday! Can you find him awkwardly standing there, ashamed over his fashion mishap?

Is there anything you’d like to see in the future? Did you find the poor guy in the picture above? Are there any good recipes you want to share with your fellow settlers?

Don’t hesitate and send us all the details!

Also, don’t forget to post your questions for Voice of Tavos below our upcoming articles!


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  2. PX_PsyKo

    Hello dear,
    i am waiting so long just for the settlers ive ever wanted, or just another settlers game….well, this is very looking as it should be: the best of every settlers game!
    But, ive read much and know, you are giving the settlers and even the animals a lifecircle. something interesting for me would be: is there a day and night circle? also maybe for seasons? if not seasons, its okay but day and night would be very nice!
    also im asking myself, if there would be just 1 civilisation or more than this, like we had in settlers 3 and 4
    so maybe we get the romans, and then another one?
    i dont know, if there is any possibility for the game to get content like that but i just want to know it! xD
    I really enjoy reading the news here, and still wait for the game!
    i hope, no! i am sure you do your best, and take all time you all need!
    it will be a great game!

  3. Pritam

    Dear Sir,

    I like this game very very much. I am eagerly waiting for playing this game. Their graphics and animation are very very nice. I love nature. I saw the realistic and live nature in this game. Day night cycle and season cycle are most important part of nature. If you add day night cycle and season cycle in this game, it will be more exciting.Any plans for adding day night cycle and seasons cycle in the game? I am waiting for your valuable response.

  4. SalemBazarah

    i second what my fellow user1234, we do appreciate all the effort. we do.
    but can we have a range for a release date. for example: between the months so and so.
    thanks again

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  5. User1234

    Consider of the current conditions is there any effect on development of the game and the potentially release date also when can we see gameplay just like the pre-alpha gameplay . I AM SO HYPE OF THE GAME

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  6. thihawm

    Hi ! I just wanna tell you guys that i am so excited for this game and much appreciate for the great job you guys are currently doing.
    Any update on the release date?

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