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We are Back 2019

We are back!

After a short break seeing friends, family and recharging our batteries the team is back in the office. The last few months, especially after gamescom 2018, went by pretty quickly and we are still amazed by the fantastic comments and feedback we received after our announcement.

In 2019 we will bring you new insights into the development, share highlights from the community and of course have some exciting news for you in store.

Even though we have some dev-blogs lined up, we also want to hear from you: What would you like to see on The Settlers Alliance? Is there any specific topic you want to learn more about? Do you want to know more about the techy-side of things? Maybe a specific production chain is of your interest.

Let’s hit the comment section and tell us what you would like to see and learn more about in 2019.

We are looking forward to an extremely exciting year with all of you!


  1. MassiveDragon

    Definitely looking forward to the release of this :o) Loved the game through the years.

  2. Diddle783

    welcome back team, i cant wait for this game and i hope there will be a lot of streams from your side with showing us the development and some gameplay once the game is that far..i love this game from the first one back in the 90’s and with the new ways of developing games it can only be a fine looking and awesome game

  3. TSA_User39406

    Please, please, PLEASE FIX Settlers 4 crashes? music bug (since 2011) and desync!

  4. Andy_MCscab

    I played Settlers since II, I have bought Settlers 3 4 Times now, I still have the original CD cases and the Amazon Expansion. Really looking forward to seeing what the new Game can bring. Best of luck to the DEVS.

  5. OlaHaldor

    I’d love to see the process from design to modeling, texturing and implementing an asset such as a building or a settler (or both!!) !

    And I’d love to get a peek into what it’s like to work as an environment artist at your studio 🙂

    Do you use Substance Designer? That would be fun to see how you utilize as well.

    How does the maps get designed? A featurette about the design process and technical process with making the landscape asset would be very interesting.

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  6. Bleash

    Will there be a map editor? Will there be random map generators in the game?
    Its the most important factor to the longevity of the game.
    If smaller indie companies can provide both random maps and map editors then I don’t expect less from Ubisoft.

  7. Jaz2000

    all i want to know is, when beta testing is starting and where is my key plz

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  8. Rudyman85

    Great ! i hope that for all settler series fans there is a opputinity for this game 😀

  9. BlueBlip

    Welcome back,
    as for myself I am interested in early gameplay if you think it is possible.

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