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We are back 2020

We hope you all had a good start into the New Year!

The team for The Settlers is back in the office after a well-deserved holiday and rest. Now we’re all excited to kick off 2020, the road to the release.

This year we’ll have several topics many of you have been asking for in the past:

    • We will go into detail about the military, from weapon production over recruitment to warfare.
    • War is not always the best solution though, so the third winning strategy in The Settlers – Path of Faith – will also be introduced.
    • Last but not least, we give you all information around the multiplayer, skirmish mode and also a small sneak peek into the campaign.

In addition, we got several other important topics to cover and exciting news to share. For example, we’re planning more playtests and last week we had a Free Weekend for The Settlers 3 History Edition, which allowed everyone to try this community favorite for free. More to come, stay tuned!

Thank you again for all your support, we’re very excited to show you more of the game this year and hear your thoughts about it. Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you would like to see and learn more about.


  1. mikkoloukola

    Hi! Is there a chance to be part of the Beta/Alpha team?

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  2. Mesthop

    Is there any estimated release date? Even roughly? The game was supposed to come out in Autumn 2019, and it looked pretty much ready already then. I don’t want you to make any binding promises, just want to know it we could expect it in the next few months or brace ourselves for a longer wait.

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  3. Ras TSA

    Hi, I was playing the game fine last year but after a while I could no longer access my online bonus goodies I won – Now I cannot access the game at all! Not even UPlay will load up, it keeps telling me it’s my connection but nothing has changed on my setup so that’s not true. What on earth is going on? It’s been like that for months now! I keep trying it but still nothing – Why would I pre-purchase the next version when Settleers 7 has so many issues? It also crashes, sometimes I may get a few hours without the game stopping :/ I was will to put up with that in the hopes that it will be fixed but nothing – I even tried UPlay in offline mode but that doesn’t even function at all. OMG! Looks alive, feels dead :/ At least Setllers on the Amiga did not crash, how is it that things seem to be going backwards?

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