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Weapon Smithy – A good offence is the best defence

Sooner or later our prospering realm will face envious rivals and we will have to defend ourselves to protect our settlers. Good thing we now have all the ingredients ready to create strong weapons. We only need to build the mighty Weapon Smithy!

Here our expert Weapon Smiths use iron and steel bars to provide our soldiers with more advanced weapons than the Weapon Workshop can produce.

The Weapon Smithy requires the Townhall to be built (Village-Level) and can be upgrades once.

At Village-Level () 2 workers are busy forging Swords and Axes.

After upgrading it to Town-Level (), a third smith joins and the production of Lances and Hammers is unlocked.

These weapons are then transported to the Military School or the Military Academy where we can recruit new soldiers. Some of the more advanced units additionally require an armor for recruitment. More on that in a future article.

Please note: Everything described and shown is not final. Graphics and features subject to change.


  1. Knurr

    I really appreciate the inclusion of the video at the end, would love to see more of that going forward when you showcase new stuff!

    BTW everything looks awesome and i can’t wait to get my hands on this game! ^^

  2. Pritam

    Very very nice and detailed graphics.

  3. Eiden

    I love that you’ve included a short video of the weapon smith working. The attention to detail in all of the many actions that the settlers perform going about their duties is going to be on another level to what we’ve ever seen before. In fact I may be too busy consumed with watching them go about their little lives to notice that big army approaching

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