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Welcome to The Settlers Alliance Community-Website

The Wuselfactor is back and you are in the middle of it. The Settlers Alliance is Ubisoft BlueByte initiative to talk about The Settlers and to give you an insight into the development.

No matter if you just want to get the latest information about the game, make suggestions, send feedback or be the first one to try out the game – this blog is the perfect place to be.
We, the Team from Ubisoft BlueByte Düsseldorf, want to give you, the players and fans, an insight in our daily life, share our happy moments and struggles and give you a sneak peek into our process of decision-making – We simply want to bring the people closer.

In the next few weeks and month we will release articles with pictures and videos, which are from a very early stage of the game – the so-called “Pre-Alpha” phase. We want to give you the opportunity to share your opinion with us as soon as possible. We look forward to many comments.

To make it a little easier for you, some questions to kickoff.
What features would you like to see in The Settlers? What other things would you like to find in the game? What have you missed in other parts?

Enough with talking, bustle quickly into the comments and tell us everything. We are really looking forward to it.


  1. dweal

    The best part about the Settlers was the exploration. If I think of Settlers 2 Gold (the best game in the series), the magic of the game was in:

    1. What might be behind the borders?
    Sending scouts just to see what is out there was a thrill.

    2. “Terrain gems”
    E.g. a little lake with an island just sufficiently large for one fisher´s hut felt super satisfying.

    3. Artefacts, hints of previous life
    Finding artefacts or skeletons felt rewarding and increased the “exploration” factor.

    4. Tweaking the transporation of goods
    It felt satisfying to be in control. E.g. sending soldiers from one barracks to another or investing coins into the barracks on the outer borders etc.

    I would love to see some of these elements in the new game.

  2. BedDave

    I love that the settlers series is getting another game. Here’s to hoping it is more like Settlers 3&4. I’ll accept settlers 2 like with the combat style of 3&4 as well. Settlers 2-4 were the better games of the series and that is where the new game should take its inspiration from. In fact pretend Settlers 5+ were never made and you will be off to a great start.

  3. Hojny7

    I’m happy that the series goes back to its roots, I’ll be even happier when it comes out on the consoles.


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  4. Melon

    I have been playing The Settler HoK since I was young and I played it with my father. And you guys did an amazing job with The settlers and seeing it come back as an history edition with both expansions? I wish you all the luck Blue Byte on the next game and the collections. As I loved the HoK combat system maybe we could see it return in The Settlers 2018?

  5. wahc_operator

    Exceptional news. I think I moved to Settlers from Populous (Amiga) before most of the Blue Byte employee’s where even born. Following Settlers II I vaguely remember ROAE.
    Reading comments, I think cartoon graphics should be kept on Nintendo, by Fall 2019 most people will be on NVidia RTX cards so why not push the envelope.

  6. Mjorky

    Oh wow, I have hoped for this for a long time. Settlers 1&2 make me remember the amiga days 🙂 in fact I still replay s2-dng sometimes, just for nostalgia reasons.
    Will the history version also include s2-dng + the wikinger expansion?

    for now is wish you all good luck on working on the new version, and I hope we can get some more details soon.

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  7. Brille

    For me the best experience was the Settlers 2. With a good soundtrack, simple fighting tactics and boundries. The best part was the feeling of exploration and challenge when launching expeditions, and the feeling of a sturdy economy/Town, after countless hours of playing and tweeking. Please DON’T make any more goofy cartoon GRAPICHS and silly quest-story. You tried that after the last customer feedback many years ago, it didnt end wel. Go another way with this one. Make a “you are stranded on this Island, survive!”-story. Keep the Main story simple, and if you need more story, build it from there.

  8. Tommy

    And also, please, don’t make this nor the 25 years history edition Uplay only. That is a really poor decision.

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  9. Tommy

    Really excited about the new announcements!
    I think you should keep the formula of the new game close to the ones in Settlers 3 and 4. Keep the funny cartoon-ish graphics style, emphasize economics gameplay with constant needed optimizations for production chains but also focus much more on the combat. Make it large scale with hundreds of little soldiers fighting, give us variety in units, and make it a bit more strategic maybe with a possibility to build some defensive structures. I really loved the aspect of Settlers 4 that you could control individual soldiers, but you had hundreds, maybe even thousands of little settlers working by themselves in the city.

    In short, try to replicate that sense of huge scale in terms of population and unit counts, give us direct control of soldiers and try to use Settlers 4 as the base idea of you new game.

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  10. Maru

    It’s good to see the settlers come back. Though, I am the most excited about the history edition – Settlers 3 & 4.

  11. BlueBreath

    More English language interviews, more than zero that is.

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  12. Knasfrun

    I have really missed the sound “yep” when I click a settler. Please make them say “Yep!” I started playing The Settlers when it was released. I used my Amiga. Have played all the sequels. Can’t wait!

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  13. jimc

    I was only thinking the other week about installing the earlier Settlers games I have, now I can wait for this new one to arrive. Really looking forward to it.

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  14. Gigi777

    what an amazing news!!
    I discovered the settlers with the n°3, then I bought the 4th, 5th (not sure abt the 6th) and the 7th… but never enjoyed them as I did enjoyed the 3th and 4th!
    I really hope the new one will be in the same way 🙂
    I also read the blog regarding the package for the 25th anniversary : all will be compatible with windows 10 : what a great news…for the ones who will buy it… Is/will any patch/update be plan for the ones who, as me, already have (for ex) the settlers 4, run under windows 10 already and (except if I am bad, blind…) who would like to make the game run again?

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  15. Diddle782

    I am so happy to read this good news, played the settlers since the first game came out and it is still on repeat modus. i am hoping that it will be a bit like previous versions with trading, a lot of buildings to build, missions to fulfill ( a mix of easy, normal and difficult) and it would be nice if there become a choice to fullfill them alone or with help from neighbours/friends but not always to fight but also to trade

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