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[TSHC] Changelog 12. June

The Settlers I History Edition

  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash after campaign mission 30
    • It will now play the outro correctly

The Settlers II History Edition

  • Added various missing sound-effects
  • DE only: Fixed an issue where the winning text was missing after campaign mission 9

The Settlers III History Edition

  • Adjusted the “moving behavior” when clicking on a position on the mini map
    • It does not scroll to the position anymore
  • Fixed an issue with the forest fire being too loud or distorted
  • Fixed an issue where units move order was given by scrolling on the map
  • Fixed an issue which made it not possible to completely zoom in at the northern map border
  • Fixed an issue where thieves did not take any damage from bowmen’s after being discovered
  • DE only: Fixed an issue the that wrong video was shown after finishing Egypt campaign mission 4
  • Added the option to set private or public multiplayer matches via the config menu

The Settlers IV History Edition

  • Fixed an issue that various goods from the Trojan race were not correctly displayed in the UI goods overview
  • Fixed an issue where military units would not occupy / enter a building when loading a save game

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One Comment

  1. TSA_User55856

    Tengo los juegos Settlers 1,2,3 y 4 Originales en Español y no entiendo porque en esta recopilación solo están en Ingles, Francés y Alemán.
    Si un juego ya lo tenéis traducido al Español en 1997, ¿porque no lo sacáis en ese idioma?
    ¿Pueden indicarme que archivos sustituir por los originales para ponerlo en Español?
    Espero su respuesta y gracias por su tiempo