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[TSHC] Changelog 12. June

The Settlers I History Edition

  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash after campaign mission 30
    • It will now play the outro correctly

The Settlers II History Edition

  • Added various missing sound-effects
  • DE only: Fixed an issue where the winning text was missing after campaign mission 9

The Settlers III History Edition

  • Adjusted the “moving behavior” when clicking on a position on the mini map
    • It does not scroll to the position anymore
  • Fixed an issue with the forest fire being too loud or distorted
  • Fixed an issue where units move order was given by scrolling on the map
  • Fixed an issue which made it not possible to completely zoom in at the northern map border
  • Fixed an issue where thieves did not take any damage from bowmen’s after being discovered
  • DE only: Fixed an issue the that wrong video was shown after finishing Egypt campaign mission 4
  • Added the option to set private or public multiplayer matches via the config menu

The Settlers IV History Edition

  • Fixed an issue that various goods from the Trojan race were not correctly displayed in the UI goods overview
  • Fixed an issue where military units would not occupy / enter a building when loading a save game

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