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Метка: Settlers 3

[TSHC] TS3HE — Multiplayer lobby is live

After our announcement last week that we are going to test the lobbies for the various The Settlers History Edition games, we are happy to release the lobby for The Settlers 3 History Edition today for everyone. The test helped us to gather valuable and important feedback.

Thanks to your suggestions, we already adjusted the setting that all multiplayer games will be public from the beginning. You can of course still click the «private» button if you just want to play with your friends.

If there are public multiplayer games still looking for additional players, they will appear in the list before you create one. You can simply click on the name and join.

Do you want to give your game a specific name? Make sure to adjust it, maybe add your game conditions in the title like peacetime or any other specifics.

If you want to help us test the lobbies for The Settlers 4, 5 or 6 before they go live, feel free to do so by following this small guide:

  1. Choose the game from your library and click on “properties”
  2. In the category “game version” click on “unlock a test version” and enter this code:
    1. The Settlers 4 History Edition: “TheSettlers4LobbyTest”
    2. The Settlers 5 History Edition: “TheSettlers5LobbyTest”
    3. The Settlers 6 History Edition: “TheSettlers6LobbyTest”
  3. You will now be able to select “Lobby Test” as alternative version – this one is connected to the lobby server.
  4. Once the test version files are downloaded, please restart Uplay PC to ensure all files are updated correctly

If you have other feedback about the lobby, we would like to hear from you in the comments below.

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